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Both processors are very reliable but the main difference is with performance. I currently have 2 computers with Intel Pentium and 2 with AMD. The Intel Pentium are more geared to the buisness side of the computer world and the AMD are much better for gaming applications, even though they do a fine job on the buisness side as well. It really comes down to one's preference and the type of applications the computer will be running.

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Q: What is the difference with AMD and Pentium mainly with performance and reliability?
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A Celeron is any of a large number of different budget x86 microprocessors produced by Intel and marketed as a budget/value CPU line. The Celeron family complements Intel's higher-performance (and more expensive) Pentium CPUs family. Introduced in April 1998, the first Celeron was based on the Pentium II core. Later versions were based on the Pentium III, Pentium 4, and Pentium M. These processors are suitable for most applications, but their performance is somewhat limited when it comes to running intense applications, such as cutting edge games or graphical modeling programs, especially when compared to that of their high-end counterparts. Centrino, a platform-marketing initiative from Intel, covers a particular combination of CPU (mainly Pentium M), mainboard chipset and wireless network interface in the design of a laptop personal computer I personally recommend an AMD processor, not one of Intel's. Processors such as the Sempron and Athlon are very nice processors in terms of money and performance compared to one like the Core 2 Duo option.

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