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s class difference and changesit depends on what you call bad as with all model changes and new model cars the 220 was a completely new design for Mercedes when it came out they currently do not make 220 s classes they have moved on to the new body style but for a general answer the first year or two are test run vehicles that the company tests out programming and material design and modify that as the time goes on so they tend to have more problems than later models also 2000 to 2002 the 600 motors are non turbo the headlights are the foggy style in 03 they moved to clear style along w/ new tail lights they also added the supercharged s55 they did have the s55 but it was non supercharged the 600s are now twin turbo v12 493hp 515torque same w the s55 03 and up in 06 they came out w an s65 590 hp 740tq
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Q: What is the difference with the 2000-2001 Mercedes Benz s class and the 2002 and later s class I heard the 2002 and later are better and the 2000-2001 is bad?
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