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wages are what you get paid hourly for instance if you get paid like $6.00 per hour then if you work more then 40 hours in one week then you are entitled to overtime which is time and a half so after 40 hours you would then be making $9.00 per hour. salary is when you get 40 hours a week 80 hours every two weeks and even if you worked 112 hours you would only get paid for the 80 and vise versa if you only worked 60 hours you would still get paid for 80. so in this case you may get like $24,000 a year right so your employer would take this amount and divide it by 26 pay periods in a year and then by 80 hours in a pay period and this is your pay per hour. If you are given the choose between the two and you know that the job is very time consuming then it is more wiser to take an hourly pay then a salary pay. You will make up for everything with the Over time hours put in. Good Luck and Have Fun...Enjoy Life

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Q: What is the differences between Wages and Salary?
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What are the differences between wages and salary?

A wage is an hourly pay, while a salary is a fixed amount of money you get no matter how many hours you work.

4 difference between wages and salary?

Generally a wage is paid weekly and salary monthly

Do teachers get hourly wages or salary?

Teachers get a salary not hourly wages.

Who pays more taxes wages or salary?

Wages and salary are taxed identically.

Advantages of minimum wages?

what are the advantages in give salary or wages to ann employee? what are the advantages in give salary or wages to an employee?

Promotion wages ad salary administ ration?

"Promotion wages ad salary administration?"

What are the differences between wages and salaries?

wages are paid weekly and salaries are paid monthly. remember (w)ages= (w)eeks.

Is there a difference between a wage slip and a salary slip?

There is essentially no difference in the function of a wage or salary slip. Wages are general paid by the hour and a salary is pay that is not based on hours.

What is differences between salary scale of navaratna and maharatna company?

no difference

What is the difference between salary and wages with example?

salary is meant for a period like month or a year but wages are paid daily. Many firms give full salary at the end of the month. with other benefits even you have 2 or 3 days vacant. but in wages cases some firms give it daily or at end of the week or at the end of the month. they cut wages/days in case of vacant.

What is the average salary of an orthodontist?

According to the US Census Bureau, the average salary for an orthodontist is between $72,000 and $134,000. Obviously wages vary by location and experience.

What is the wages paid to an employee?


How are wages and salary the same?

wages are refered to someone who is getting paid on a daily( or weekly) basis, whereas salary is something what you receive at the end of the month.

If your salary is reduced can you apply for unemployment benefits?

It would depend on: 1) What state you worked in, 2) Whether your state allowed unemployment for reduced wages/salary, 3) How much the wages/salary were reduced from the customary wages/salary you earned, and 4) If there were any kind of contract or written agreement/union involved.

What is the income?

Income - means wages or salary.

What is the money in your paycheck called?

It is your salary or your wages.

What do you call the money you earn?

Salary or wages

What is the Difference between gross salary and basic salary?

There are several differences between gross salary and basic salary. Basic salary is the agreed upon rate of pay discussed between employer and employee which does not include overtime or any other forms of extra compensation. Gross salary is the salary paid before taxes that include overtime pay, holiday pay, and shift differentials if applicable.

Earnings which you receive as a result of employment?


What is the name of payment for work?

wages, salary, remuneration

What are the limitations in wages and salary administration in a organisation?


What is another word for salary?

pay, income, wages

What is money paid to workers?

That would be a salary, or wages.

What is Money Paid to worker?

That would be a salary, or wages.

What is wages employment?

Hi, Wages employment means we work under someone and get salary.

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