What is the differences between a stormbreaker movie and the book?

Sabina is in the film, not the book. In the book series she is introduced in the third book Skeleton Key. Sabina also doesn't go to school with Alex.

The character Mr. Crawley had to have a name change to Mr. Crawford, after the real MI6 didn't want the name used. Additionally, Herod Sayle's name is changed to Darrius, and his nationality changed from Lebanese to American. And Alex's fake name is changed from Felix Lester to Kevin Blake.

In the scene that takes place at the garbage dump (in the movie, at the beginning), Alex takes out multiple guards with a rope. In the book there is only one guard and Alex kicks him, knocking him out, then leaves. Also, in the movie, Alex escapes the car by ejecting the seat, whereas in the book he escapes through the smashed rear windscreen.

The scene when Jack gets attacked by Nadia Vole isn't in the book

In the film, Alex has a Nintendo DS as a handheld gadget, but in the book, it is a Game Boy Color

In the book, Alex uses the smoke bomb in the Nintendo DS/gameboy to escape the plane controlled by Mr.Grin down to the science museum. In the movie, he uses it to escape the Dozmary Mine.

Gadgets including the mind control pen and the parachute backpack were not mentioned in the book

In the book, Mr Grin dies because the plane he was controlling crashed into a building site. In the movie, he doesn't die at all, however, rumors say that he was either arrested or killed by Yassen G. offscreen.

In the book, Sayle doesn't find out that Kevin Blake (or in the book, Felix Lester) was really Alex Rider until Alex is captured. In the movie, Nadia tells Sayle that Kevin is a spy, whose instructions to Nadia was to kill Alex in his room, which caused Alex to head to the Dozmary Mine.

In the book when Alex parachutes through the Glass Roof of the StormBreaker Launch, he already has a weapon, which he uses to shoot the Prime Minister in the Hand. In the film, he is handed it by the Soldiers he trained with Earlier to shoot the Button apart.

In the book Alex earns respect from Wolf by pushing him off the plane, but in the film he earns it by freeing them from a guarded locked house

The film features an extra chase scene where Sabina helps Alex get to Sayle's building and features a more dramatic fight scene at the end when Sayle corners Alex. Alex (as well as Sabina) are hanging off the edge of the building before Yassen arrives to assassinate Sayle.