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What is the different between Apple computer and PC?


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one of the main differences between the two is the security you have with a mac vs a PC. while not on record as not being able to "get" viruses, apple computers will not run any exe applications (which are the main virus culprits). PC's are cheaper to buy. You can expect roughly twice the price when you purchase an apple computer. However many people attribute this difference to a quality difference. Macs' now use Intel chips like the PC's use and that has brought them up to speed in the areas that they have been lacking over the years. Mac introduced wigets that were later copied in PC's OS vista after a fashion. also you can now partition you hard drive in mac's OS 10.5 (leopard) to include vista or xp. This allows apple to run the programs that it could not run before. Apple does not offer support for this program however as it is a 3rd party product. It does work quite well however and if ever anything goes wrong with your mac it is much easier to fix yourself instead of requireing a programmer. apples website has answers to any problem you may experience on their support page.