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What is the different between Apple computer and PC?

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one of the main differences between the two is the security you have with a mac vs a PC. while not on record as not being able to "get" viruses, apple computers will not run any exe applications (which are the main virus culprits). PC's are cheaper to buy. You can expect roughly twice the price when you purchase an apple computer. However many people attribute this difference to a quality difference. Macs' now use Intel chips like the PC's use and that has brought them up to speed in the areas that they have been lacking over the years. Mac introduced wigets that were later copied in PC's OS vista after a fashion. also you can now partition you hard drive in mac's OS 10.5 (leopard) to include vista or xp. This allows apple to run the programs that it could not run before. Apple does not offer support for this program however as it is a 3rd party product. It does work quite well however and if ever anything goes wrong with your mac it is much easier to fix yourself instead of requireing a programmer. apples website has answers to any problem you may experience on their support page.

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Is apple notebook computer a PC?

Yes. PC means Personal Computer and the Apple Notebook is a Personal Computer.

What is a Mac PC?

A Mac PC is a Macintosh Personal Computer. The Macintosh computer is made by Apple.

Is a PC the same as a Mac?

No, a PC refers to a personal computer usually running Microsoft Windows OS. A Mac is an Apple computer running Apple software.

What is The difference between apple and PC computers?

A apple computer is a fast and good looking computer they are safer then pcs with viruses, they have amazing internet, and they have great communication applications. A PC is a better gaming system, slower than macs, and is not as protective from viruses.

Can you conect a PC monitor to an apple computer?

Yes you can.

How how is a Mac like a PC?

A Mac is a PC because PC stands for Personal Computer, not the 'PC' that apple targets their ads at.

Why Mac vs PC if any Mac is a PC?

Technically, PC means personal computer, so yeah, a mac is a PC. However, usually, PC refers to a windows computer. So mac vs. pc means Apple computer vs. Windows computer.

When was the first PC computer introduced?

1977, the Apple II

How is an apple computer better than a regular PC?

In marketing.

Is Apple Macintosh Computer a PC?

Yes and No. PC refers to any "Personal Computer". It just depends on what forum or group your with and how it's mentioned. You have to kinda read between the lines as it were. But it mostly "refers" to a Windows machine. Mac PC or Windows PC would be OK to use.

What is the difference between clone computer and branded computer?

The difference is usually price and support. With a PC it means little, as the machine and the OS are separate things. With an Apple it means everything. Apple controls the machines and the OS for them.

Is Mac and PC a type of computer?

yes Macintosh, or Mac, is a computer made by Apple. "PC" stands for "personal computer", meaning it could be a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

What are the different kinks of computers?

There are two main types of desktop or notebook computers: * IBM Compatible PC * Apple PC An IBM compatible PC is the traditional computer. It is the most common computer used in homes and offices around the globe. The typical operating systems for an IBM compatible PC are Microsoft Windows (the most common), or Linux (a free and open source unix type OS, originaly only for the very geeky, but now gaining popularity) An Apple computer is a computer made by Apple Computers, inc and runs a version of the Mac OS

What is a Mac and PC?

they are consumer computers. Mac made by Apple and a PC is a computer made by everyone else.

Can you play wizard 101 on an apple computer?

No it can only be downloaded on a PC

Where can you buy an Apple keyboard for a PC without buying an Apple computer?

Apple keyboards can be purchased separately. (See links below)

Is there a difference between a computer and a computer system?

They are both the same but different names. Here are other words which relate to a computer: Computer Computer system PC Desktop/Laptop

What is one advantage of using Apple computer instead of a PC?

A personal computer (PC) is any general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities, and original sales price make it useful for individuals, and which is intended to be operated directly by an end user with no intervening computer operator. ~ Wiki Regardless of who makes it, if a computer satisfies the definition, it is a Personal Computer, so a computer made by Apple is a PC.

Is Windows XP professional an apple computer?

No it is a Windows PC. Apple computer run the OSx operating system which is currently called Snow Leopard.

What is the difference between a laptop and a PC?

A laptop is a portable computer and a PC is a personal computer, so they aren't actually different things. and a computer gennerally has more memory and is slightly faster but laptops can be upgraded to change this.

What is the difference between an apple computer and a PC?

They're pretty similar except the operating systems are in a bit different format. Although they're very similar as Bill Gates did make Windows after the "Icon Desktop" idea from Mac. The only visible differences are the different Internet Browsers, and Windows has Microsoft Office. Although a Mac is a PC, it just stands for Personal Computer. A Mac is a personal computer.

Who is the actor that plays the PC guy in the Apple Computer commercials?

The actor who plays the PC guy in the Apple computer commercials is Justin Long. This was a long running range of adverts screened in America from 2006 onwards

Is a Mac a laptop r PC?

A Mac, made by Apple is a Personal Computer.

How can you tell if your computer is a Mac or a PC?

a mac has an apple on it It should be easy to tell. Basically, just look around the outside of the computer. If you see and apple, then it's a Mac. If you see something like "Dell", it's a PC

The PC and the Apple Macintosh are example of two different?


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