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What is the different between Google Chrome and other programs?


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  1. chrome is from google and others arent
  2. its faster
  3. its more reliable
  4. people like it more
  5. lots more features
  6. site application
  7. one way bookmarks
  8. trusted by over 1,000 sites
  9. other programs (such as internet explorer) are slower
  10. its safer
  11. over 1,000,000 options, ideas, and features

those are about 11 reasons :)

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Uninstall Google Chrome from Control Panel/Programs

Firefox and Google Chrome are entirely different browsers. Chrome is much faster than Firefox.

Google, Google Earth, Google Chrome, and Gmail are just a few the programs on my desktop

You can uninstall Google Chrome in the Remove Programs window. This is present in the Control Panel of your system.

Internet Explorer and Google chrome are both web browsers, programs made for displaying websites. They are both very similar. Internet Explorer is from Windows and is installed on every new Windows PC, Google chrome is from Google and free to download online. Google Chrome has more features and is faster.

Windows Vista or newer: Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall a program>select Google Chrome>click Uninstall Windows XP or older: Control Panel>Add or remove programs> select Google Chrome> click Uninstall

Internet explorer and chrome are different types of browser. One major difference is that chrome uses no toolbar, while explorer uses many.

You go to control panel, and select uninstall programs then select Google Chrome

Start > Google Chrome > Google Chrome

Hi there , there is 2 ways that you can unistall google chrome. The first method you can do is this: 1. Click the Start menu on your computer taskbar. 2. Select All Programs. 3. Select Google Chrome. 4. Select Uninstall Google Chrome. 5. Click the Yes button in the confirmation dialog box. OR you can do it this way 1. Click the Start menu on your computer taskbar. 2. Window XP's Control Panel or Programs and Features in Windows Vista. 3. Select Google Chrome in the list. 4. Click the Remove button.YOu can unistall the google croome# Click the Start menu on your computer taskbar. # Select All Programs. # Select Google Chrome. # Select Uninstall Google Chrome. # Click the Yes button in the confirmation dialog box.

This Plugin is an add-on from Google which works as a updater for all its programs, you might have got this add-on when you installed any Google program like Chrome, Earth or any other software/tool from Google.Google Updater is installed when you download Google Pack or Google Earth.Google Update is an open source component of several different Google programs, including Google Chrome and Google Earth.See related links below for more details.

Google chrome is a search engine while safari is a snack or corn snack

You can not on google chrome, except for a whole theme. Which you can get on google. Otherwise, by logging in google you can put any picture as the background of the site : google. Hope, it helped.

You must sign out of your Google Account, or if you mean Chrome, then you must sign out of your Chrome Account. You can do that by typing in chrome://options.

You can easily uninstall Chrome from Add or Remove Programs. This tab is present in the Control panel of windows.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are two browsers. Mozilla is a little bit slower and lagging than Chrome.

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer both are web browsers. Chrome is much faster and stable than Explorer.

No, you can download Google Chrome from Google.

For some programs yes, but for some programs its better to go with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Bookmarks in Google Chrome do not disappear without any issue. You could have deleted them or used a different profile.

Google is a website and Chrome in a browser. A website can be run in a web browser for user's purpose.

both are web browsers but google chrome is quite faster the mozilla firefox

Bookmark Google on Google Chrome

No you don't need a google account to have google chrome

Google itself only offers programs developed by Google itself, for example Google Chrome. But of course one might find several download pages throughout the web, but these are usually not related to Google.

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