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When energy is converted from one form to another how efficient is this transformation?

Anywhere between 0% and 100%. Different energy transformations have different efficiencies.

Explain Transfer and transformation of energy and matter?

Answer:Energy exists in many different forms. It can be moved from place to place (energy transfer) or it can be changed between forms (energy transformation), However, energy cannot be created or destroyed (law of conservation of energy).

The energy transformations in a car's engine are an example of multiple transformation?


How is energy transfer different from energy transformation?

because of the heat

What is the most common unintentional energy transformation?

The most common unintentional energy transformation occurs between potential energy and kinetic energy

What are the differences between energy transfer and energy transformation?

In an energy transfer, the energy moves from one object/material to another. In an energy transformation, one form of energy transforms into another. In both, the amount of energy does not change, but in an energy transformation, some energy is lost into the environment.

What is the transformation of energy?

transformation of energy is GREAT

In any energy transformation energy is?

In any energy transformation energy is preserved.

What Sentence For Energy Transformation?

the dog has energy transformation

What is the energy transformation that allows you to move?

there is not transformation of energy it is kinetic energy

If energy cannot be destroyed can it be created?

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, considering E=mc^2. Conservation of energy allows for the transformation of energy to different forms. Transformation is not considered creating or destroying, but transforming.

What energy transformation occur in an electric saw?

electrical energy - mechanical energy

What is the difference between condensation and sublimation?

the simplest answer is condensation is the transformation of a gas to a liquid, by losing energy, and sublimation is the transformation of a solid to a gas, by gaining energy.

What is the energy transformation of a cell phone?

chemical -> Mechanical-> Sound and light-> heat...

What is energy transformation?

energy transformation is the process of changing any kind of energy into another.

Definition of energy transformation?

Energy Transformation is when energy changes from one form to another. :)

Describe the energy transformation that takes place in a generator?

energy transformation

What is Energy transformation examples?

Energy transformation from a nuclear power plant

Energy can never be created or destroyed it can just be?

It can be converted between different forms of energy.It can be converted between different forms of energy.It can be converted between different forms of energy.It can be converted between different forms of energy.

What does energy transformation mean?

An energy transformation is the change of energyfrom one form to another. Energy transformations occur everywhere every second of the day. There are many different forms of energy such as electrical, thermal, nuclear, mechanical, electromagnetic, sound, and chemical.

The process of changing energy from one form to another is called energy?

Energy transformation

What type of energy transformation does a radio signal have?

The radio signal itself, of course, is not an energy transformation - energy transformation means that energy is changed from one type to another. There is an energy transformation when the radio signal is created, and another one when it is absorbed.

Relationship between law of conservation of energy and energy transformations?

The relationship is that in any energy transformation, energy is conserved. No new energy is created, and no energy disappears.

20 examples of transformation of energy?


Is energy transformation the same as energy conservision?

energy transformation is ruled by energy conservation. For example, potential energy may transform to kinetic energy but the sum of both remains constant before and after transformation.