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humanities and Social Sciences both deal with human aspects,such as law,politics,Economics,linguistics,pshychology etc. the difference is that social science uses more of a scientific approach and humanities is more analytical and critical.

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Q: What is the different between humanities and social science?
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What humanities would not be considered a social science?

There are no categories under the heading of humanities that are not covered in the social sciences.

What are the different areas of social sciene?

anthropology, communication studies, economics, human geography, history, political science, psychology sociology, humanities.

Is Anthropology a life science earth science or physical science?

Anthropology is a multi-disciplinary study, with origins in the natural sciences, life science, the humanities, and the social sciences.

Why is Economics under History instead of Science?

Economics is a social science. It could be organized under science, but we chose to group it with other social sciences instead of with physical sciences. Soon we may set up a Social Sciences or Humanities section.

Distinguish in details between science and social science?

Science is the study of everything and anything real or un-real. Philosiphy is science, geology is science etc. Social science is the study of how an organism behaves when in contact with other organisms wether of the same species or different. Obviously Social science is a subset of science.

Difference between social science and management science?

Difference between social sciences and management sciences

What is the relationship btw social studies and social science?

Discuss the relationship between social studies and social science

What are the general education courses for social work?

A social work must have a minimum of a bachelors degree. Within the bachelors, there is a general cluster of general education requirements. This would include, English, math, psychology and/or sociology, social science, humanities, and exact sciences etc.

How can you differentiat humanities and science?

humanities discussed about the totality of the person..the five aspects of humanbeing, the spiritual, emotional, social, ethical and the psyschological upbringing based on realities while science is the study of matter, how it started, evolved and affects the human aspects

Why science word is used in political science?

Science means knowlege. There are different types of science, natural science, social science, and applied science. Political science is a social science.

What are the differences between social science and behavioral science?

they are spelled different :) i really dont know bc im only in 7th grade!

Difference between science and social science?

Science is the course of observation of observation in repeatable , executable sequence. Social science is the observation of more nebulous social convection.

What are the different sciences that related to environmental science?

social science, human science

How do you spell humanities?

That is the correct spelling of "humanities" (a class of social studies).

What is the difference between life science and social science?

life is what you feel and experience on earth. It is what happens to you as you go on and what you think of yourself. social is similair but yes, it is different. it is how you feel and act around different people and how people you talk to affect you. =)

What is are the difference between science and social science?

social means talking with people so i would think social science means to do it with a group science prob means on your own

What are the similarities between social studies and social science?


What are the differences between natural science and social science?

social science is the study of artificial things whiles natural science is the study of natural things

What do the different discipline of social science have common?

Social science covers the study of humans and their reactions. The disciplines of social science show why people do the things that they do as a general rule.

Is political science a science or social science?

A Science. It brings together many different aspects of human nature. Although it is called social science the rules of social graces are not used and the laws of science and limits of reality are seldom used

What is the relationship between social science and natural science?

they are directly interelated, Social science is the study of behavior of organisms behavior with eachother. Natural science is the study of all things in nature, therefore social science is a subset of natural science.

Differences between social science and physical science?

Social science is the study of the behavior and sociology of people. Physical science is the study of the Earth and of things that have a physical substance.

What are the major similarrities and deffrence between science and social science?

social science includes data about past,world and politics. science talks about happenings ,inventions and discoveries

How is science and social studies alike?

Science teaches people about different environments which is also a part or theme of Social Studies.

The relationship between psychology and other social science?

They are all a science of society.