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A tourist is the participant of tourism, whereas tourism is the actual act.

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What are the differences between tourist product and tourism product?

There is no difference, the only this that is different is the name .

What is the difference tourist and tourism?

A tourist is a person. Tourism is the act of touring.

Relation between tourism planning and tourism development?

ourism Planning is planning to attract Tourist somewhere. evelopment is making more for Tourist and making more attractions.

What is the relationship between tourism and the communities?

tourist strikes communities randomly or by religions and populations

Has tourism led to a conflict of interest between local resident and tourist?

No one cares!

What is inter regional tourism?

It's tourism between different regions.

What makes tourism products different from others on the market?

They fall to bits once the tourist gets them home.

What is a tourist board?

The tourist board is the subsection in the tourism ministry who is responsible for tourist's.And promote particular country for tourism Thank you D.D.Rajasekara

What is tourist industry?

the tourist industry is the tourism level and things of tourism in the world for example hotels are part of the tourist industry airports and plains are part of the tourist industry ETC...

What is accessibility in tourism?

Accessibility in tourism is how easy it is for the tourist to access or get to the desired destination.

Who was the first tourist to step foot on the Bahamas?

What are the types of tourism in The Bahamas

What is the different between domestic tourism and international tourism?

domestic is domestic and international is international

Why is tourism necessary?

Tourism has different meaning in different terms for us it is a principle of traveling for pleasure. Many of us love to travel different places to see attractive spots of nature. And on other hand tourism bring a lot of money to the countries, hence tourism has become a good source of income where tourist come more.

How is the Tourism in the dominican republic?

the tourism is great it is the most popular tourist attraction on the Caribbean

What are Current geographical issues of tourist destination in India?

What are the Tourist destinations and tourism at India

what is Shopping Tourism?

Shopping Tourism is a fundamental catalyst for the evolution of the tourist model due to the following factors: The high Shopping capacity of the tourist. The de-seasonalizing effect of the demand. The differentiation of the destination.

What is the different between contemporary approach to tourism planning?

And what?

What is tourism product?

tourism product are those product which can be salable in tourism market. it can be anything which is able to meet tourist satisfaction

Who benefits from tourism?

from tourism the most benefit go to the country and for the people but also it is benefit for the tourist.

What is meant by special interest tourism?

Sex tourist

What cluster are travel agents in?

Tourism - the tourist industry

What has the author Robert Christie Mill written?

Robert Christie Mill has written: 'Tourism' -- subject(s): Tourism, Tourist trade 'Instructor's Manual with Test Item File Restaurant Management Customers, Operations and Employees' 'The tourism system' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Tourism 'The tourism system' -- subject(s): Tourism, Tourist trade 'The tourism system' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Tourism

How eco tourism is being used to attract tourist by different organization?

ecotourism atrrat by different organization

What has the author Eric Laws written?

Eric Laws has written: 'Managing Packaged Tourism' 'Embracing and Managing Change in Tourism' 'Tourist destination management' -- subject(s): Tourism 'The Design Analysis and Improvement of Tourist Services'

What is Cuba's tourism like?

Tourism in Cuba is superb. There are so many awesome sites and tourist attractions.