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Well, it's pretty simple. Water is just H2O. But salt water is a mixture of Salt (NaCl - Sodium Chloride) and Water (H2O).


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Saline is a term for salt dissolved in water and is no different from salt water. Saline solution comes in different concentrations with different ratios of salt to water.

Salt water contain dissolved sodium chloride; chemical and physical properties are different compared with fresh water.

There are a few different ways that you can test the difference between water, salt water, and sugar water. You can test boiling point for example.

Salt water and brackish water are different in terms how the amount of salt. You can say salt water is brackish, since brackish water and salt water both contain salt. However, salt water has more salt than brackish water, since brackish water is a mix between salt water and fresh water (so it has less salt).

salt water has had salt in it for hundreds of thousands of years- since the beginning of time. plus, tap water has been filtered- it drinkable.

Salt water contains many different treasonous while tap water goes through a filteration system.

Sodium chloride is NaCl and is a salt.Water is H2) and is an oxide.

The difference between a hydrate and an anhydrous salt is water. A hydrate has one or more water molecules attached to it, and anhydrous salts have had their water molecules removed. The removing of water can be done by simply just heating the substance.

there is salt in salt water and little salt in fresh water

mineral water contains less saltsaline water contains more salt

Salt water has salt water in it and is bad for you, fresh water has no salt water in it and is good for you.

the water has no salt and the sea water has salt

it has way more particles in it salt water does not water with salt

Plants have different tolerances to salt. Most pools are between 4 and 6% salt. Therefore it depends on the tree and the % of salt in the water. However I say the answer is yes.

Fresh water contains no sign of salt, while on the other hand salt water contains salt

Salt water is different because it is heavier than fresh water.

the difference between salt water and fresh water is that salt water is from the ocean and fresh water is water that hasn't gotten to the ocean and so the water is clean, And you can only drink fresh water not salt water

The fundamental difference is the salinity, hence the name. With a greater salt content, water has the following effects.Density differenceYou can float better in salt waterDifferent plant and animals grow in salt or fresh water.Salt water can not be safely consumed by most land animals.

it has salt in it and flat water is fresh

There are a few different types of salt in salt water, though the salinity of the oceans differ in different locations because the salt comes fromdifferent locations and from the currents moving in the water that carry it.

The kind of mixture between salt water and mud is Heterogenous. A heterogenous mixture is made of different substances that remain physically separate.

Fresh water is not salty. Salt water is salty.

fresh water has no salt and marine water has salt

Salt water is for cooking while sea water is naturally salty

You cannot turn water into salt. They are entirely different molecules built from totally different atoms. You can evaporate ocean water and the salt that was dissolved in the water will remain. Every liter of water from the ocean contains about 30 grams of salt.

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