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Ornamental plant production requires plant spacing that allows for the full maturation and development of the individual plant. Large-scale crop production requires dense populations of plants that may not grow to their full potential, but that will produce a sufficient amount of fruit or grain.

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How many types of farmings are there?

There are 6 different types of farming: * Arable (growing crops and cereal) * Pastoral (Production of animals) * Mixed farming ( combination of arable and pastoral) * Horticulture (production of fruit, vegetables, flowers or ornamental flowers) * Market gardening ( production of fruit and vegetables) * Viticulture ( Grapes)

How were industrial conditions different in England in 1800 than 1700?

Production had greatly increased by the use of machinery

What is ornamental grass?

Ornamental grass is used as landscaping in many gardens. They come in many different colors and often last a long time. Here is a link that shows pictures of different kinds of ornamental grass as well as better description.

What are the different horticulture crops?

Trees (fruit, ornamental, and shade), turfgrass, ornamental shrubs and flowers, culinary herbs, and garden crops are just a few.

How were the industrial conditions different in England in 1800 than they had been in 1700?

A.... Production had been greatly increased by the use of machinery.

Under what conditions would you recommend a process layout?

- Customized products. - Low volume production. - Products requiring different and non repetitive processings.

Where can ornamental pots suitable for indoor gardening be bought?

Ornamental pots suitable for indoor gardening can be purchased through the Better Homes and Gardens shop. They range in many different shapes, sizes, and costs.

What are the elements of a tv production?

The four elements to creating a television production are, writing, pre-production, production, and post-production. Each step requires different staff that have different skill sets.

Can one eat the sweet potatoes that grew from one's ornamental sweet potato plant?

Yes, but they are different in taste

What does chain of production mean?

The chain of production is the different stages involved in the production of a particular product :)

What do economists consider factor of production?

enumirate the different factor of production?

Why do you have different clothing for different seasons?

Because different seasons have different weather conditions, clothing is adapted to suit the conditions associated with each season.

What are the different section in the food production department?

The different sections in the food production department include the quality and testing department.

What is intermittent production?

A intermittent production process a production process in which the production run is short and machines are changed frequently to make different products.

What line that shows different production possibilities for an economy?

production possibilities frontier

What conditions do plants need and why?

Different plants need different conditions. You will help get the right answers by identifying the plant.

Explain brifly about the different section in the food production?

The different sections in the food production department ensures that the required standards are met.

Different conditions under which decisions are made?

the conditions that decisions are made

Different types of costs of production?

production cost, selling cost and sundry cost

Types of production process?

There are so many different types of production process. However, the main ones are only three namely batch production, job production and flow production.

What innovation in angiosperm led to the production of seeds covered by fruit?

To cope with adverse atmospheric conditions is different seasons of the year Angiospermic plants developed seed inside the fruit for its dispersal and resting period during adverse conditions. That is why these are predominant plants on todays flora of the world.

What are the different factors of production?

There are four different factors of production and they are land, labor, capital and enterprise. These four factors are necessary in producing a commodity.

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Ornamental and decorative molding in ancient Greek architecture was different depending on which order of architecture it came from. There are three classic Greek orders that progress from fairly simple to quite ornate: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.