What is the diffirence between Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts final mix?

kingdom hearts 2 final mix has chain of memorys atached to it so u can play it before u play no.2. (chain of memorys is on ps2) Also, Final Mix has more features included in the game. You can fight all the Organization XIII members as many times as you want (even Zexion, with his book) and you can also fight a boss harder than Sephiroth in KH 1, Terra from Birth by Sleep. there are also more cutscens and you get to fight roxas its fun!
The Differences between the two are:

Kingdom Hearts II

  • Original Game released Worldwide

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +

  • Revised Game
  • includes at least Two extra Scenes not in the original game (due to time constraints)
  • Includes extra boss battles (You can fight EVERY Organization XIII member but it's just their "silhouette")
  • Extra Keyblades and Gear
  • Extra Challenge (Finding and defeating all of the XIII Mysterious black mushrooms)

Those are the MAIN Differences in the game itself. However, Final Mix + also came with a copy of RE: Chain of Memories which was translated to English and sold as a separate game.