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There are several disadvantages to using coal to generate electricity. When coal is burned, it releases lots of carbon dioxide, which is a problem because the atmosphere already has too much carbon dioxide and it is causing global warming. In addition, there are impurities in coal which result in other forms of air pollution, particularly sulfur dioxide which results in acid rain. Coal mining is also a dangerous activity that results in many deaths. And although there is a lot of coal, it is still not a renewable resource, and it will eventually run out, if we continue to burn it.

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Using coal releases pollution in the atmosphere.

Using coal to generate electricity

Coal is used to generate electricity.

The coal is used mostly to generate electricity.

It takes one ton of coal to generate an average of 2500 KWH of electricity.

Coal is used to generate almost half of all electricity produced in the United States. Besides electric utility companies, industries and businesses with their own power plants use coal to generate electricity. Power plants burn coal to make steam. The steam turns turbines which generate electricity.

Coal power stations burn coal to heat water to produce steam, which is then used to spin electricity turbines to generate electricity. The burning coal releases carbon dioxide.Wind farms have blades which turn in the wind to spin electricity turbines to generate electricity. There are no harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

Coal can't generate electricity by itself, but through the process of combustion, it can produce heat which can be used to produce steam that can run turbines which are connected to generators that produces electricity.

The fuel that India uses most to generate electricity is coal. Second to coal is hydro power and then natural gas resources.

Compared to coal, an advantage of using oil to generate electricity is that generators can be taken out of use and then back into use more quickly and flexibly in response to changes in electricity demand, thereby reducing fuel usage. Coal is better suited to base load generation because of the long start-up time required, and will tend to be kept operating even when there is no demand for the electricity. However, natural gas is even more flexible than oil in this respect. A disadvantage of using oil to generate electricity is that the world's supplies of oil are limited, and electricity generation is an inappropriate use of such an adaptable fuel. Another disadvantage is that oil is a fossil fuel and its use therefore adds additional carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Using coal to generate electricity releases many pollutants into the atmosphere. Some contribute to acid rain. Others, like carbon dioxide, contribute to global warming.

All fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) are used to generate electricity.

The vast majority of coal is used to generate electricity in power stations.

Coal. Coal fired plant generate the bulk of IS electricity making.

It's not !... Burning coal to generate electricity produces HUGE amounts of carbon dioxide - which affects the weather.

Today government of India is using non-renewable resources to generate electricity like from coal,why don't government of India is not using renwablel resources like solar energy,wind,tidal,etc are there to generate electricity.

Coal is used all over the US in power stations to generate electricity.

Coal is abundant and easy to convert into electricity.

let the geothernal energy to boil the water, then use the stream to generate the electricity. it is the same way when you use coal generate the electricity. but the detail system is very complicated.

They generate electricity when coal and natural gas are not available.

In order to Generate a windmill, there needs to be strong wind. - Ryan James GuidryCoal is used to generate electricity.

Coal is used for burning to make heat. At home in a fire, at a power station to generate electricity.

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