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What is the discharge and suction pressure on an central AC unit?

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learn to read the chart for the type of freon you are running - a standard home unit will suck at 67 lbs and the high side will vary according to the outside ambient air temp - I get different readings in Las Vegas than I do in Portland!

2007-04-01 07:32:39
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What is back pressure in a home ac unit?

Suction pressure

What is the difference between the small line and the big line on a central air unit?

the big line is the suction for the the compressor in the A/C unit, The small line is the compressor discharge that goes to the furnace

Why air condition compressor is overheating?

IT COULD THAT YOUR SYSTEM IS EITHER OVERCHARGED OR UNDER CHARGED. ALSO CHECK YOUR FURNACE FILTER.AND MAKE SURE YOUR OUTDOOR UNIT is clear of dirt and obstructions. --------------------------------------------------------------- There are several reasons for a compressor to overheating High compression ratios are the result of either lower than normal suction pressures or higher than normal discharge pressures. Changes in suction pressure will affect the compression ratio more rapidly than changes in the discharge pressure. For this reason, it is important to keep the suction pressure at its highest possible value. Causes of low suction pressure can include incorrect sizing of components, misadjusted or defective metering devices (TXVs), loss of refrigerant charge, plugged driers or strainers, and excessive suction line pressure drop. Although not as sensitive to change as the suction pressure, the discharge pressure can still greatly affect the compression ratio. Keeping the discharge pressure within normal operating conditions is still important. Causes of high discharge pressure can include dirty condensing coils, undersized discharge line, a blockage or recirculation of condenser air, erratic condenser fan operation, refrigerant overcharge, noncondensibles in the system, and an undersized condenser.

How long the minimum discharge and suction pipe must be For small airconditioning unit eg1-2 TR?

how long discharge and suction pipe shuold be for small 1-2 TR airconditioning units?

What is full form of suction pressure unit PSI?

pound per square inch

What should the suction pressure be on a 85 degree day on a R22 split unit?


What is the SI unit for suction?

I guess that would be measured in units of pressure: Pascal = Newton/meter2.

Why you have to connect the pressurization unit pipes to the pump suction of the chilled water pump and not to discharge header?

As the chilled water system is a close system and basically consist of two loops i.e one loop from pump discharge to load & second loop from load to pump suction.Now,the effect of pressure drop will be more prominent in the second loop ,after the flow exit the load.Hence we have to alleviate the pressure where the effect of pressure loss & small water requirement is more prominent and i.e the suction side of the pump.

Why is discharge line leaving outside unit cold on central ac?

The expansion device inside the outside unit expands the refrigerant gas and as a result, the discharge lines chills

What unit of measurement is used to describe the central unit of pressure of a hurricane?

The millibar.

What is length of suction hose pipe attaching suction head with central suction unit in Miele Solaris S514 Canister Vacuum?

The length of the suction hose is around 2 feet, with an additional extender where the hose can extend up to 3 feet. with the Canister Vacuum.

Can you overload on freon in your central air unit?

overcharging a central air unit system with refrigerant(freon) will cause the head pressure to be?

What are the procedure for pumping down a Split ac system?

Connect your refrigerant gauges, jump out the low pressure safety control, start the unit and after it has settled out, front seat the liquid line service valve. Monitor the suction and discharge pressures when they both reach 10``wc. Shut the machine off and quickly front seat the suction service valve.

How determine normal suction pressure in ac unit?

You need a chart which identified the relationship between the ambient air temperature and the pressure, as well as a manifold gauge set.

How do you determine what suction pressure should be in R410a air conditioning compressor suction line?

Read the charging chart specific to the unit. Not all 410A machines will operate at identical pressures in identical conditions.

What does mbar stand in measuring central pressure of hurricanes?

mbar stands for millibars, a unit of measuring pressure.

What is the correct procedure for a pump down?

With the unit running, front seat the liquid line valve and monitor the pressure. Once you have the unit in a vacuum, front seat the suction side and cut the power to the unit.

What can I use a portable suction unit for?

Most portable suction units are medical devices. They are often used in ambulances where mobile devices are needed. They work to aspirate or perform suction on the patient's lungs or airway to improve respiration. A portable suction unit is used in several medical applications. If you are a doctor or EMT you would have use for a portable suction unit.

Charging r22 system?

what is the charging schedule for a 2 1/2 ton unit 70degree ambient temp what is the suction pressure supposed to be

What should the suction pressure be on a heat pump with outside temp being approximately 34 degrees F?

Look at the charging chart in the unit for the answer.

What unit of measurement is used to describe the central pressure of a hurricane?

The central pressure of a hurricane may be described using inches of water, millimeters of mercury or other units of pressure commonly used to describe atmospheric pressure

WHere can I purchase a Portable Suction Unit online?

Have a look on or They both sell portable suction units.

Is the condenser of an Air Condition unit part of the low side or the high side?

The condenser is on the high pressure (discharge) side of the system.

How do you pump down a heat pump unit?

The process of pumping down a heat pump is quite simple. First you should switch the unit into air conditioning and put your compound gauge on the suction line. Make sure the unit is running. Then valve off the discharge line and watch your gauge pressure. When it pulls itself down into a vacuum the heat pump is pumped down within itself. Make sure to valve off the suction line to make sure no refrigerant is released back into the air handling unit. You should now be able to lay some wet rags on the valves to protect them if you desire to sweat the unit away from the line set.

Where can I rent a portable suction unit? is the source you are looking for. they provide rental service of portable suction unit in affordable price. one can even search in local territory where they can find this facility easily. There are several places that you can rent a portable suction unit from. You can start by checking out or