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Brand Reps receive 30% and Managers (including MITs) get 40% off.

wholesale Abercrobie clothing from, discount and cheap.

If your order value is over US$250, we will do free shipping by EMS. If your order value is over US$800, we can do free shipping by DHL, also no tax fee. There is no minimum order, but we will add US$20 to US$30 as shipping fee if your order value is below US$250.

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Q: What is the discount that Abercrombie and Fitch workers receive on clothing?
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yes, they do because when workers come in they have to wear the clothes they are selling, and I am guessing they get good disconts!

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Is abercrombie and fitch child labor?

yes, in fact in 2002 they were filed in a lawsuit fro 22 million by the workers who made the clothing. To this day they still choose to use slaev labour. So why pay all that money?

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I don't think they have one. But if they do, then it isn't for the public. I bet it is just for the company workers.

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My friend works there. And he's 15, so he folds clothes and makes 7.50 an hour.

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