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What is the distance between Earth and Neptune in Astronomical Units?

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2011-04-27 08:40:59

This question is quite difficult to answer, as the Earth and

Neptune's orbits are constantly in progress at different speeds,

and vastly different distances from the Sun, which changes the

distance between the two objects.

The average distance between the Sun and Neptune is 30.06 AU.

The Earth is exactly 1 AU from the Sun, so if all three objects

were in conjunction (aligned with each other), with the Sun at the

end, Neptune would be approximately 29 AU distant from Earth. If

all three were in conjunction with the Sun in the middle, the

distance between Earth and Neptune would be just over 31 AU.

We can say, then, that the distance between Earth and Neptune is

between 29 and 31 AU, depending on their position relative to the

Sun and each other.

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