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Iran's potential targets are between 950 and 1400 miles from Israel,

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Q: What is the distance between Iran and Israel?
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What is the distance between Jerusalem Israel and Tehran Iran?

The distance between Jerusalem, Israel, and Tehran, Iran, is 967 miles, (1,556km).

What is problem between Iran and Israel?

Please see the related link below for an excellent article on Iran Israel relations.

How many miles is it between Iran and Israel?

It is roughly 600 miles or 970 kilometers between Israel and Iran at their closest, but 970 miles or 1,5961 kilometers between Jerusalem and Teheran.

Why did the Iran-Israel War start?

Currently, there is no war between Iran and Israel. There are a number of proxy wars and assassinations which are discussed in the Related Question below.

Do Iran and Israel share a border?

No, Iran and Israel do not share a border.

Is Israel in Iran?

Israel and Iran are two separate countries, with no overlap.

What is the flying distance between pa and israel?

The flight distance from Pennsylvania to Israel is about 5,850 miles.

Which is the largest out of Iraq Iran and israel?

Iran > Iraq > Israel.

Why is Iran a threat to the us?

Iran is more of a threat to Israel. Israel is our allie.

Is there war between Israel and Iran?

Currently, there is not a declaration of war between the countries of Israel and Iran. There is, however, strong political tension between the two nations, each one threatening armed attacks on the other over border relations.

How many miles are there between Iran and New Jersey?

The total distance between Iran and New Jersey is 6,416 miles.

When did Iran recognize Israel at the Unites Nations general Assembly?

until 1979 with the Islamic revolution at Iran there where an official relationship between Israel and Iran including a weekly flight between the countries. In March 1950, Iran recognised the state of Israel, it was only a De-Facto recognition but one non the lest. that recognition never moved to the De Yoro, which build a very reach relationship between the countries but not known relationship.

What is the distance between israel and Egypt?

No distance. They share a common border.

Does Israel want to destroy Iran?

I think not; however, Israel is determined that Iran not have nuclear weapons.

Will Iran attack Israel?

For the moment, Iran does not need to attack Israel. Its proxy armies like the Syrians, Hezbollah, and Hamas (all funded by and/or trained in Iran) are doing a sufficient job attacking and fighting Israel. If Israel or the United States declares open war on Iran, however, Iran will retaliate by attacking Israel since its missiles can reach targets in that area.

What is the distance between Iraq and Israel?

The flight distance from Iraq to Israel is: 551 miles / 887 km

Who has more fresh water Israel or Iran?


What is it the distance between Iran and Romania?

Straight line, between Teheran and Bucharest the distance is ca. 2 350 km.

Will Israel bomb Iran?

No, because if so, Iran wont be reaction less and it means defeat of Israel

What is a way Iran and Israel are alike?

Both Iran and Israel have a history of hostility with various Arab nations.

What is the distance between Thira and Israel?

The direct flight distance is 633 miles.

What was the name of the war between Israel and Iran?

Iran was one of many nations in the region that contributed resources during the so-called "War of Independence" in 1948, but there has never been a direct war between Israel and I ran.

What is the distance between Israel and Nebraska?

6,550 miles

What is the distance between Israel and US?

6874.88 miles

In which part of the world is Iran Israel and Iran located at?