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Map quest should help you pinpoint it, but I would approximate 15-20 miles.

2006-07-20 06:43:26
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What is the distance from Fort Lauderdale airport to a Greyhound station?

what is the distance from Greyhound terminal Ft Lauderdale to Ft Lauderdale Airport

How can you travel by bus from Scarborough to buffalo airport?

you can take greyhound buses from scarborough town centre, bus terminal to buffalo airport, NY.

What is the least expensive way to get from the Buffalo NY greyhound bus terminal to the Buffalo international airport?

Either public transportation or a taxi.

What is the distance from the Houston international airport to the greyhound terminal in downtown Houston?

19 million lightyears

How far is the Greyhound bus station from the Buffalo Airport?

A Greyhound bus station is about 20 minutes to half an hour drive from the Buffalo Airport.

What is the distance from Atlantic City airport to Atlantic bus terminal?

According to Google Maps (, the distance from the Atlantic City International Airport to the Greyhound Bus Terminal (1901 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City) is 12.8 miles.

What is the least expensive way to get from Toronto to Buffalo Airport or from Buffalo Greyhound to Buffalo Airport?

See for Buffalo Bus schedule to airport in addition to buss from Toronto to Buffalo Bus station

What is the walking distance from terminal 6 to terminal 8?

In which airport? The distance isn't the same in every airport.

How can you travel from the Buffalo Greyhound Bus Station to the Buffalo National Airport?

You can go by bus or taxi.

What is the easiest way to get from Buffalo NY bus terminal to Buffalo airport and are there airport shuttles?

The easiest way would be to use the airport shuttle.

What is the least expensive way to travel from the Buffalo Greyhound Bus station to the Buffalo International Airport?


How far is it from the Buffalo Greyhound station to the Buffalo airport?

The Greyhound bus station is downtown and the airport is in the suburbs. Taxi ride is about 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic, and should cost around $25. USD.

Where does the grey hound bus drop you off in Buffalo NY?

The Greyhound bus that I recently took there from NYC stopped at the Buffalo Airport and downtown Buffalo.

Where is the greyhound bus terminal in Toronto how far is this station from Pearson airport?

It is at 610 Bay st, this is about 14-15 miles from the airport.

What is the driving distance from Buffalo NY to canton Ohio airport?

The driving distance from Buffalo, NY to Akron-Canton Regional Airport is 226 miles.

Distance from Pensacola airport to Pensacola greyhound bus station?

how far pensacola international airport to the beach

What is the walking distance from terminal 5 to terminal 8?

i dont think there is a terminal 8 not in uk The distance from one terminal to the next would be different from one airport to another.

What is the driving distance from Mississauga to Buffalo airport?


What is the walking distance between terminal 2 and terminal 4 at jfk airport?

about twenty minutes

What is the closest airport to Buffalo NY?

The nearest major airport is Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF / KBUF). This airport has domestic flights and is about 11 road miles from the center of Buffalo, NY.Niagara Falls International Airport (IAG / KIAG) - 21 driving miles distance from Buffalo.

How many flight miles from buffalo to Cancun?

The flight distance from Buffalo Niagara International Airport to Cancún International Airport is about 1,580 miles.

What is walking distance between terminal 1 and terminal 5 at JFK airport?

It takes 40 minutes.

Distance between san juan airport and pan American cruise terminal?

It is a short distance from San Juan Airport to the Pan-American cruise terminal. It is approximately a 20-minute ride by taxi.

Is there a greyhound bus terminal near Toronto airport?

just keep dumping it in there till it is full don't worry about extra.

How far is the greyhound bus terminal in Boston from the airport?

Exactly 6 miles (10 mins by road I-90W & I-93)