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The distance from Grand Canyon to Phoenix is 233 miles.


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The driving distance from Phoenix, AZ, USA to Grand Canyon South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, is 228.31mi / 367.43km

The Grand Canyon is North of Phoenix.

Phoenix is sout of the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is 225 miles north of the Phoenix - Scottsdale area. Phoenix is a premier vacation and travel destination, and Phoenix offers a number of tours to the Grand Canyon.

The answer is yes, the grand canyon is about 250 miles north of phoenix

the Grand Canyon is in Arizona. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. the Grand Canyon doesn't have a capital.

The Grand Canyon is about 260 miles from Phoenix. The drive is about five hours; but it's well worth it!

It is 223 miles according to Google Maps.

The Grand Canon lies north of Phoenix, Arizona

The driving distance is 229 miles per Map Quest. The driving time to the Grand Canyon per Map Quest is 3 hours and 38 minutes.

Arizona. Grand Canyon is located there, so it's Arizona. The capital is Phoenix.

The driving distance from Santa Barbara, California to the Grand Canyon is about 580 miles.

That stadium is in Phoenix, about 366 kilometers (by car) to The Canyon.

No, it is 223 miles north of Phoenix, Arizona.

how far is it from little rock, ar to the grand canyon

The Grand Canyon State or another nickname is copper state.The nickname of the state of Arizona is 'The Grand Canyon State.' The capital of the state of Arizona is Phoenix.The Grand Canyon State.The state of Arizona uses the nickname "The Grand Canyon State."

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