What is the distance from Logan airport in Boston to Friend street in Boston?

It depends. I have lived in Boston for three years and only take public transportation. You can take the Blue Line inbound to Government Center and then walk about 10-15 minutes to Friend St. That in total will take you about 25 or so minutes with a little less than a mile of walking. Or you can take the Blue Line inbound, change to the Green Line at Government Center and get off at North Station. From there Friend St. is a 2 minute walk at most. That would take about the same amount of time.

If you are driving I am not positive but if there is no traffic only about 10 minutes. With traffic, honestly could be forever (or seem that way).

Source: I live in Boston and used to work one block down from Friend St. I also have a blog on exploring Boston called RelaxLaughExploreBoston.wordpress.com.