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What is the distance from Miami Florida to Cocoa Beach Florida?


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It is 196 miles via Miami, Florida.

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The distance in Florida from Daytona Beach to Miami is 241 air miles. That equals 388 kilometers or 210 nautical miles.

There is 260 miles between Daytona Beach, Florida to Miami, Florida. It should take about four hours of drive time.

The Miami beach in Miami, Florida

Not sure of the milage but it takes approximately 3.5 hrs.

It is 140 miles according to Google Maps.

It would take about 3 and a half hours to drive by car from Miami Beach, Florida to Key West, Florida. There is approximately 160 miles between the two locations.

Hi i drove from Naples Florida to Destin in four and a half hours same distance as Miami you will enjoy it. try the oysters on the beach. Barrie Tanner

The distance between Miami Florida and West Palm Beach is around 140 - 155 miles. Driving on the Interstate you can do it in around 1 hour - 2 hours.Miami is 70.64 miles from West Palm Beach, by car the journey would take 1 hour and 19 minutes according to MapQuest.

Those most popular beaches would be Cocoa, Daytona, and Miami. There are hundreds of others that are just as nice though.

Miami Beach Florida is the 42nd most dangerous city in America. (2010)

The air distance -- within the United States of America -- from New York City, New York, to Miami Beach, Florida, is 1,087 miles. That equals 1,750 kilometers or 945 nautical miles.

The flight distance from Miami, Florida to Florida (FL) is: 170 miles / 274 km

laila ali was born in Miami beach Florida on December 30,1978in Miami beach, Florida

It could be Miami Beach because Miami is near the Atlantic Ocean and so is Miami Beach.

Some beaches that are similar to pompano beach in florida are miami beach in miami florida, cherry beach in toronto ontario and brighton beah in brighton england.

South Beach is a neighborhood of Miami Beach. It is the southern most tip of Miami Beach and in general runs from 23rd street south to 1st street. There are several different neighborhoods of Miami Beach including NoBe (North Beach). South Beach is by far the most famous. When I refer to South Beach, I usually say "South Miami Beach".

It is 12.9 miles from Miami International Airport to Miami Beach, Florida. The drive takes from 22 minutes to 29 minutes, depending on traffic.

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