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What is the distance from an asteroid to the Sun?


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There are millions of asteroids, each in its own orbit. (Although they do collide, sometimes.) The majority of the asteroids are in the "asteroid belt", a broad area between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. But there are many asteroids outside that range, including some that sometimes come fairly close to the Earth.
Just picking a random one: 4,650,000 miles.

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That depends a lot on its distance from the Sun.

There are lot's of asteroids and each one is a different distance from the sun. Between Mars and Jupiter is the Asteroid belt. Is that what you mean?

The asteroid belt is located 300-600x106km (or 2-4AU) away from the sun.

This question has potentially thousands of correct answers, depending on which asteroid it has in mind.

Mars' average distance from the sun is greater than Earth's average distance, and less than the average distance of most of the members of the asteroid belt. So, the answer is YES.

Asteroids, just like planets, move around the Sun in different orbits - at different distances.

The period of revolution depends on its distance from the sun. The period of rotation (on its axis) is variable.

How fast an asteroid travels depends on its distance from the sun. The average orbital speed is 25 kilometers per second. The closest orbiting asteroid to the sun travels at 30 kilometers per second.

The asteroid that passed nearest to the sun was the asteroid that fell to the gulf of Mexico and killed all of the dinosaurs.

Asteroids are not distributed uniformly in the asteroid belt, but could be approximated to be evenly spaced in a region from 2.2 AU (1 AU is 93 million miles, or the average distance between Earth and the Sun) to 3.2 AU from the Sun and extending 0.5 AU above and below the ecliptic.

The Asteroid belt lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter at an average distance between 186 million miles and 300 million miles, (300 million and 600 million kilometers). The distance from the Sun to the Earth is 93 million miles sometimes referred to as an Astronomical Unit, (AU). The Asteroid Belt is between 2.7 and 4.0 au's from the sun along the ecliptic.

Probably, an asteroid. One AU, or Astronomical Unit, is the distance from the Sun to the Earth. The only things at 2 AU from the Sun are asteroids.

how long does it take the asteroid belt to revolve around the sun?

A meteoroid is a rock that is out in space. Most of the meteoroids in the solar system are in the asteroid belt between the orbit of Mars and the orbit of Jupiter. The middle of the asteroid belt is about 400 million kilometers (250 million miles) from the sun.

Two parts of the asteroid belt, the inner belt is closer to the Sun and the outer belt is further from the Sun.

An asteroid could never travel from the Sun to the Earth.

There are 4, all of which lie between the sun and the asteroid belt. These planets are (from lowest distance from the sun to the highest): Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

It can get as cold as it can. The farther the planet with an asteroid belt is from the sun, the colder the asteroid belt gets :)

Yes! The asteroid belt orbits the sun. Olivia

Yes. Asteroids orbit the sun.

The planets nearer the sun than the asteroid belt are; Mars Earth Venus Mercury

3.7 AUs(Astronomical Units) or 555 million Km An Astronomical Unit is the distance between the Sun and Earth

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