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Distance in a straight line is 1603 miles (2580 km). San Juan (SJU) to New York, NY (NYC) Shortest Flight Duration 3 hours 50 mins

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Q: What is the distance in miles from Puerto Rico to New York?
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What is the distance from New York City to Puerto Rico?

1603 miles

Is Puerto Rico by the water in Mexico?

No. Puerto Rico is approximately 2191 kilometers (1362 miles) east of Mexico; it is approximately the same distance between New York City and Houston, Texas.

How long does it take to get to Puerto Rico on a cruise ship?

The distance from New York to Puerto Rico is 1601 miles or 1391 nautical miles. If you were traveling on a cruise ship, at the rate of 35 knots, it would take 1day, 15hrs and 44min to reach Puerto Rico. T=D/R (time is equal to the distance divided by the rate) is the formula used to find the answer.

How many times can Puerto Rico fit in New York?

New York is 54,556 Square Miles in size. Puerto Rico is 3515 square miles in size. 54,556 / 3515 = 15.52 You can fit 15½ Puerto Ricos into New York State. For reference in size, Puerto Rico is just over double the size of Long Island, New York in square miles.

Flying distance from New York to Puerto Rico?

its about 2 or 3 hours

How many miles is Puerto Rico from New York's JFK airport?

about 1600 miles or a three hour flight

How many miles is it form san juan puerto rico to new york city?

it is about 1603 miles which is about 3 hours to fly there.

What does the word puerto mean?

Puerto as in Puerto Rico or Puerto Vallarta means port as in Port of New York.

Why does it take longer to fly to Puerto Rico from New York then it takes to fly to New York from Puerto Rico?

cause a plane go faster when they are going down

What is the cost of a cheap flight to Puerto Rico from New York?

The cost of a flight from New York to Puerto Rico will depend on where in Puerto Rico you want to fly to. For example a flight to San Juan will be around $250 and a flight to Aguadilla will be around $500.

Do you need passport to enter Puerto Rico?

If you need a passport to go from wherever you are to New York or California, then you need a passport to enter Puerto Rico. If you don't need a passport for New York or California, then you don't need a passport for Puerto Rico.

Do you need a passport to get from Puerto Rico from New York?

No, Puerto Rico is part of the US. If you are American or Puertorican you do not need a passport to go there.

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