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What is the dominant religion of island South Asia?

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buddhist is the dominant religion in asia

Tha answer to your question is Asia. I live in South Africa .

The short answer is south-east and eastern Asia.

although India is mostly Hindu, Islam is dominant in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan Buddhism is fairly dominant in south east Asia (Thailand, myanmar, cambodia, Vietnam) and Christianity is slowly taking a rise in most of these countries because of missionaries

all i know is its in asia, south east asia. and the local religion is islam, buddist and others.

Buddhism is the dominate religion of East Asia in terms of both percentage and numbers.

main religion in south Asia is Hindu like in India

Christianity is the dominant religion in Europe and the entire Western Hemisphere; it is not dominant in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Islam is the most common religion in Southwest Asia, representing over 80% of the region's population.

Islam is the dominant religion in what used to be called the "Middle East" and what is now called "Southwest Asia."

In southeast Asia Hindu is a popular religion, more than any were else.

Yes, Taoism was at one time the dominant religion in China.

2 major regions in south Asia are Hinduism, Islam:)

the island that exist in south east asia is singapore and saudi araia :)

south asia ..on indian ocean

Islam, though Catholicism is the main religion in the Philippines which are also in south east Asia.

Islam is the largest religion in Southeast Asia due mainly to the large Muslim population in Indonesia. However, the majority of Southeast Asian countries are predominately Buddhist.

Buddhism and Hinduism were introduced to South Asia by India. Buddhism has gradually declined in India, but it is still very strong in South Asia.

England is not a part of South Asia I'm afraid. It happens to be an island off the western coast of Europe.

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