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What is the drive trace for a 1997 Ford Aspire How can I reset the computer so it will pass Echeck?

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2007-11-11 04:48:31

You must reset the ECM, in order to do this you must get an OBD

II compliant scan tool. Carefully follow all directions that come

with the tool. Make sure to write down all codes that are retrieved

when the tool completes its scan. However this will not guaranty

that your car will pass, sometimes an old code will remain in the

system and cause you to fail but if a code reoccurs you will need

to repair the problem that caused the code to appear in the first

place. in the case of a recurring code I recommend that if you

aren't a wrench yourself that you find a mechanic, but don't let

him know that you reset the car or that you have the tool. That way

if he tries to get cute with you you'll know it and so save

yourself a lot of wasted time and money. If you're worried about

the cost of the tool consider this - an OBD II scanner works on all

cars from 1996 to today on cars and trucks that were sold in the

US. So it is a good investment.

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