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The shortest distance is 1,115 miles.

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The distance between Amsterdam and Burlington is 150 mi (about 3 hours 24 mins). Vermont is awesome BTW!!

The driving distance from Camden, Maine to Burlington, Vermont is 261 miles. The drive takes about 5 hours and 21 minutes.

The city of Burlington in the state of Vermont has many highly rated hotels. Some nice hotels in Burlington, Vermont are: Hotel Vermont, Hilton Burlington, and Courtyard by Marriott Burlington Harbor.

112 miles, 2 hours 41 minutes estimated by

The driving distance from Manchester, Vermont to Burlington, Vermont is 100 miles via US-7 North per MapQuest. The driving time per MapQuest is 2 hours and 24 minutes.

Atlanta, GA is 1,154 miles from Burlington, VT according to Google Maps.

I would say about an hour and a half to about two hours.

The driving distance from Newport, Vermont to Burlington, Vermont is 82 miles via I-89 South per MapQuest. The driving time per MapQuest is 1 hour and 56 minutes.

The driving distance from Burlington, Vermont to Bloomington, Indiana is 926 miles via I-90 W to I-70 W per MapQuest. The driving time per MapQuest is 15 hours and 28 minutes.

There are over 25 places named Burlington in the US. The one in Vermont is 264 miles north on I-89.

Burlington , Vermont. Largest city in State. Burlington and Rutland are the only above 15,000 in Vermont.

Actually, there isn't a Burlington Coat Factory in Burlington, VT. The closest one is in Concord, NH.

It's about 100 miles or a 2 and a half hour drive north up Route 7.

Burlington and Montpelier. Burlington is the largest city in Vermont and Montpelier is its capital.Burlington, Rutland and South Burlington.Burlington the largest City.Essex the largest town.Montpelier the capital.Burlington and Rutland.

The Burlington International Airport is located in South Burlington, Vermont. The airport address is 1200 Airport Drive South Burlington, Vermont 05403.

Burlington is a city in Vermont. It is not the state capital. Montpelier is the capital city of Vermont.

The driving distance from St. Johnsbury, Vermont to Burlington, Vermont is 76 miles via US-2 West per MapQuest. The driving time per MapQuest is 1 hour and 33 minutes.

Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts does not have a store in Burlington Vermont. However there is a store located at 45 Hinesburg Street in South Burlington Vermont.

Google Maps gives the road distance as 2,959 miles.

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