What is the duration of synchronised swimming?

It depends on the event and the level of the competitors.

Figure competition can take hours to complete due to the rotational nature, though each individual figure, for the average swimmer, takes about a minute to finish. (They do four different figures.)

For a novice swimmer in the United States (typically in their first year, very much a beginner), routines will be between 1:15 and 1:45 in length.

For an intermediate swimmer (more experienced than a novice but not competing at the level expected for their age), solo routines are between 1:45 and 2:15, duets or trios are between 2:05 and 2:35, and team routines (4-8 people) are between 2:35 and 3:05.

For a 12-under "age-group" swimmer, solos are 1:45-2:15, duets and trios are 2:15-2:45, and team routines are 2:45-3:15. Combined routines (9-10 people) are 3:15-3:45.

For a 13-15 "age group" swimmer, solos are 2:00-2:30, duets and trios are 2:15-3:00, and team routines are 3:15-3:45. Combined routines are 3:45-4:15.

For a 16-19 "age group" swimmer, solos are 2:15-2:45, duets and trios are 2:45-3:15, team routines are 3:45-4:15, and combined routines are 4:15-4:45.

Senior "technical" routines are the length of an intermediate routine.

In international competition, tech solos are 1:45-2:15, free solos are 2:45-3:15, tech duets are 2:15-2:35, free duets are 2:45-3:15, tech teams are 2:35-3:05, free teams are 3:45-4:15, and combination routines are 4:15-4:45.