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Currently it is 14.6 °C up from 13.9 °C 100 years ago. This is the average over the whole planet over the entire year.

The average temperature on Earth is about 13oC. Highest recorded has been 56.7oC and lowest -89oC. These temperatures are dry bulb temperatures.

Most of the Earth is subject to heating and cooling by the oceans and the atmosphere. Except for extreme locations on Earth (deserts, poles), the temperature range is compatible with human activities, falling in the range between -40° and +40° C (-40° to 104°F).

Temperatures tend to be hotter near the equator, or when it is summer at a given location. Ocean and air currents also affect the range of temperatures. Climate change scientists estimate that ever-increasing levels of manmade carbon dioxide could raise global temperatures by up to 6 degrees C over the next 50 years.

Core Temperature

The temperature of the Earth is approximately 5500 degrees Celsius at its center and heat continuously flows toward the surface. The temperature of the Earth increased with its increase in mass because the new size triggered an increase in its gravitational force of attraction and caused the Earth to compress. Some of the internal heat comes from radioactive decay.
Very hot in the centre, gradually cooling as you move to the outer layers, pretty cool on the outside, coldest at the top and bottom where the polar bears and penguins live, and nicest for sunbathing right around the fattest part in the middle. Could you be a little more specific?

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What is earths temperature range?

the earths temperature range is 333333.9 billion rays of heat

What is earths temp range?

The maximum, minimum and mean temperature of the Earth at its surface are:max. temperature 50°C (122°F)min. temperature -70°C (-94°F)mean temperature 15°C (59°F)

Why does temperature happen?

temperature happens because of earths rotation in its orbit and the suns location it depends on earths location in its orbit that changes temperature

What is the temperature of the earths core?

The cores temperature is about 7000K.

What on the planet earth is 7500 k for the temperature?

The Earths core is. And that would mean it is hotter than the Sun!!

What is the earths core temperature?

The temperature of the earths inner core is about 9800 degrees Fahrenheit. That is about 5430 degrees Celsius or 5700 Kelvin.

What is the earths temperature?

The temperature of the Earth is approximately 5500 degrees Celsius.

How does temperature change with depth in Earths crust?

The temperature increases with depth.

What is earths natural temperature?

Earth's average temperature is about 14°C.

What planet temperature is closest to the earths?

Mercury has an average surface temperature (67°) closest to the Earths average surface temperature (14°C). The temperature on Mercury varies a lot though - you could argue that Mars is closer in temperature.

What is earths tempiture range?

Its temperature you douche

What is the temperature range of the earths magnetosphere?

What is the temperature range of the magnetosphere?

What is the temperature of the earths crust?

AnswerTemperature can range from 0-700°C; average temperature is 25°C

How does Mercury's temperature compare to the temperature on Earth?

I dont know the correct answer but it will be less when compared to the earths temperature.

What is the earths crusts tempiture?

The earths crust varies. There is no temperature because it varies from cold to hot.

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