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i believe mantle rocks from earth to core .


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None, only the earths core is more closer, the moons surface is 37.000 Vertices from earth

Hypothetically, yes. I probably has a small silicate rock and ice core. This is likely because all of Jupiter's moons have a similar core.

the core of venus is very similar to the core of earth, as it is earths twin planet. therefore the the core of venus is made of the same elements as earths core, iron and nickel, both magnetic and it is these elements that create our magnetic field.

Earths number of moons are one. it's Latin name is Luna.

About 0.183g, where one g is the earths gravity, so about one fifth of the earths gravity. It is similar to our own moons surface gravity.

the earths core is the hottest part of the earth. the metals in the earths outer core is liquid because of the heat and the metals in the earths core is solid but still the earths core is the hottest

the Luna (Earths moon) has no moons.

The molten iron and medals inside the earths core are the reasons for the earths magnetic core.

Sorry. The earths core reminds me of an apple. So here goes. In the center of the apple, there is a core, and that is the hardest a biggest part. So that is the earths core. The crust is the skin of the apple, and that is also the thinnest. The rest is the outer core and mantle.

Yes as Pluto is the smallest and the last planet in the solar system, it is smaller then the earths moons.

no it is not true. there is solid iron and nickel in the Earths core

earths inner core is a liquid

The Moon is a lot smaller than the Earth, therefore, Moons once active core has cooled down so much It's now hardened.

The earths outer core is made of iron liquid

No the earths core is not a cause of globel worming

The moon core is made out of rocks

The earths core is mainly made out of iron, mixed with a littel nickel. The outer core is liquidand the inner core is soild.

It's approximately (3,963)miles down to the earths core.

The core is 33% of the Earths mass

the earths moon is one of the largest and earths moon is made of solid rock where as other moons are made of ice

how many miles is the earths core

You are already closer to the earths core than you will ever be able to get to the sun

What happens to the pressure as you move from the earths surface to the core

The three layers of the moon are similar to the layers of the Earth. These layers are the crust, the mantle, and the core.

the earths inner core is a solid (around 5500 degrees) and the outer core is a liquid

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