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What is the easiest way to remove rust from a gun barrel?

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Depends on how heavy the rust is. Light surface rust comes right off with 0000 steel wool and a good gun oil. Heavier rust may need the attention of a gunsmith.


Good answer above. Remember that bluing is a FORM of rust, so rust removing chemicals, such as Naval Jelly, will also strip bluing in a blink.

2010-02-11 00:16:27
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Related Questions

What is gun barrel rust?

Oxidation of the steel of a gun barrel.

How do you remove heavy rust from an old gun?

Water and aluminum foil can remove surface rust on the chrome of a gun. Steel wool can also be used to remove rust. It is advised to never use a oil to remove rust or to clean a gun.

What happens to a gun barrel in standing water?

It will rust eventually.

How do you remove rust from gun barrels?

Interior or exterior?

What is the easiest way to cut down a gun barrel?

Take it to a gunsmith- who will also know how long the barrel must be to be legal.

Is it safe to shoot a rust pitted gun barrel?

Depends on how bad it is. Have it examined by a qualified gunsmith.

How do you fix rust on a gun?

First, you cannot fix the damage already done but you can repair and stop the rust from doing more damage. Take a fine sandpaper or a wire wheel or steel wool and remove all the rust from the gun. After the rust is removed, reblue the gun with a solution made just for this. Ask any gunshop for the solution you need. If the damage is to the point to make the gun unsafe to use as in holes in the barrel or in the firing mechanisms, you may need to replace the effected parts.

Is it illegal to remove the orange barrel from an airsoft gun and carry it outside?


How do you remove the barrel off a bb gun?

It would help if you stated the model.

How do you remove the barrel from a JC Higgens model 20 12 gage shot gun?

These guns are quite old 46 to 60 years old the barrels can be very difficult to remove they are screwed into the receiver you should be a gunsmith to remove the barrel as fitting a new barrel you will have to make sure that the head space is ok. Most guns of this era had fixed barrel even the early Remington 870 had fixed barrels you will need a barrel vise barrel spanner to start with years of shooting and rust make thes barrels a challenging task

How do you break down a browning sweet 16?

you first begin by standing the gun on it's butt compress the barrel downward and loosen then remove the nut on the magizine and remove the forarm you then remove the barrel by getting a firm grip on the barrel and pull it off you can then remove the frictoin rings and spring

On a Nerf titan how do you unscrew the barrel once its already on?

you'll have to take the gun apart to remove it.

Where do you buy the full remove Barrel Nerf maverick gun?

You can't buy it, you have to convert it yourself.

How do you remove oil from gun barrel?

Use a cloth swab threaded through the tip of a gun cleaning rod and swipe it through the barrel. Then take a clean one and do it again until all the oil is removed.

What part of a gun is the barrel?

The gun barrel is the metal part that the bullet comes out of.

How do you remove the barrel on Remington 270 semi automatic rifle?

Best left to a qualified gun smith.

What part of a gun is barrel?

the barrel is the part that the bullet travels through once the gun is fired. it is on the inside of the gun.

What is a barrel part of?

A barrel is part of a gun

What is the value of a American arms double barrel swing out shot gun 259 HM fox patented Jan 4 1870 is inscribed on the barrel?

Depending on the condition of the gun and if it has been engraved or not, they have been selling for $200 to $1500.00 or a little more..Again it all depends on the condition..If the gun has any rust, pitting or alterations made to the gun it will reduce the value greatly!!!

How do you take the barrel off a harrington and richardson 765 22 pioneer rifle?

You take it to a gunsmith who has the special tools needed to remove a barrel without damaging the gun.

How do you remove a press fit in rifle barrel?

This is a task that needs the services of a professional gun smith or the maker of the weapon.

What is a rust blued gun finish?

Blue is a type of rust finish

How do you remove barrel on high standard supermatic shotgun?

To remove barrel, first disassemble gun. Remove magazine by inserting a 1/4" dia punch in the hole in the magazine and unscrew. Now the hard part. Unscrew the action from the barrel. You will need a special barrel vice and a special action wrench to do this - if you don't want to bugger up the barrel and action. The barrel vice needs to accomodate the rib (if installed). It needs to use custom made wooden jaws (for each different barrel). Use rosin on wooden jaws to increase friction. These tools are usually only economical to make if you are in the gun repair business.

Can you make a gun barrel longer?

You will have to replace the barrel

Why does a gun barrel rise?

The barrel is usually above the centerline of the gun. When fired, recoil pushes straight back from the line of the barrel, but that is offset above the centerline, and causes the gun to pivot.