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What is the ecological niche of a butterfly?


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"Niche" refers to every aspect of the range of conditions in which an organism can live. "Niche" refers to everything from appropriate climate to optimum day length to correct soil types and plant life for a particular butterfly population to survive in an area. What this means is every butterfly species has a very different niche. The niche of a Magdelena Alipine darting around a rockslide at 12000 feet in Colorado is immensely different from the niche of a Zebra Longwing fluttering around a passion vine in the Everglades. Remember that no 2 species can EVER occupy the same niche at the same time, or one will be outcompeted into extinction. The fact that hundreds of butterfly species can coexist in one area is proof that each species has its own unique niche to realize. Additionally, a butterfly "changes its ecological niche entirely when it transforms from a caterpillar to an adult butterfly," so each species has several niches to realize.