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For Egypt - absolute. Basically because without the Nile there would be no Egypt as we know it, only desert. The Nile encouraged settlement and cultures because it gave life in the form of water for, amongst other things, drinking, crops and transport.

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What is the economic value of river Nile?

it means the agriculture grown by the help of river nile

How is the delta important to the Nile River?

the importance of the Nile river delta is that it helped people by giving water for plants.

What is the importance of the Nile River?

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Economic importance of the Nile?

Simply, no Nile - No Egypt. It also provides, water, electricity, transport etc.

Did the Nile River flow through the Ancient Kingdom of Kush?

Yes. The Nile River was central to Kush and their civilization both in location and in importance.

What was the importance of the nile river?

the importance of the nile river was that the river gave silt (Rich soil) and with that it helped grow food. So if you get to much food its the called surplus and with surplus you get specialized job and with that you get economy (money) and with economy you get a civilization!

What is the major river in Egypt?


What was the importance of the Nile River to Egyptian civilization?

the nile river was very important to the Egyptians. it provided them with water and soil plants and crops it also gave them a fertile land

What is the economic importance of the Thames River?

Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fitch yyeah

What was the river nile used for?

The river Nile used for economic activities such as fishing and transport. In modern times, the river, which is the longest in Africa, has proved to be a tourist attraction and a vital source of hydroelectric power.

The landforms in the river Nile?

The river Nile forms is: waterfalls, cataracts, Lake Nasser, the Nile Delta, the Nile River Valley. These are the land forms a long the river Nile.

Tributary of the Nile River?

The five tributaries of the Nile river are: * The Atbarah River * The Dinder River * The Blue Nile * The Sobat River * The White Nile.

Is the White Nile River east or west of the Blue Nile River?

The White Nile River is west of the Blue Nile River.

Does the Blue Nile river and the White Nile river merge into the Nile river?


Is the nile river valley in the same location of the nile river?

The River Nile flows through the Nile Valley.

What desert is west of the Nile River?

The Sahara is west of the Nile River.The Sahara is west of the Nile River.

Where is worlds biggest river?

nile river nile river

What is the longest major river?

The Nile River. or River Nile

What is the river for Nile Valley?

The River Nile

Why do they call the Nile River the Nile River?

Nile is from the Greek Neilos - meaning "river valley"

Name the two divisions of the nile river?

The Blue Nile River and the White Nile River

What are three tributaries of the Nile?

Blue Nile White Nile Atbara River

How is the Nile river in Nubia different from the Nile river in Egypt?

The river in Nubia is different from the one in Egypt because the Nile River in Nubia is not to smooth as the Nile River in Egypt.

An economic cause of increasing sectional conflict on the eve of the Civil War was the decreasing importance of what river?

Mississippi river

Is the White Nile a river or a lake?

It is a river and tributary to the River Nile.

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