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What is the economy in the souther colonies?

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it was relying on the indian slave trade and plantations like rice and tobacco and indigo and cotton.

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Economy of southern colonies?

The economy of the souther colonies was heavily agriculturally based. It relied on farming with the help of slaves.

Which body of water played an important role in the economy of the southern colonies?

The Atlantic Ocean played a major role in the economy of the souther colonies. The southern colonies made large profits exporting good such as tobacco, indigo and rice.

How did life in the middle colonies differ from life in the southern colonies?

the middle colonies propietors did not care what religion you are, as long as you paid for your land. the souther colonies

What was the original colonies name?

the original colonies are called the 13 colonies divided up into 3 different parts Northern colony, New England colony, and the souther colonies

How did the economy grow in the colonies?

The economy grow in the colonies by them having children.

Describe the economy in New England colonies?

the economy of the southern colonies.

How did geography affect the economy of the middle colonies?

The affect that geography had on the economy of the middle Colonies was to help the economy. Farming was the main source of the economy and the fertile soil, and natural resources aided the Middle Colonies economy.

Was the economy of the Middle Colonies characterized by plantation agriculture?

The economy of the Middle Colonies was not characterized by plantation agriculture. The Southern Colonies had an economy based on plantation agriculture.

What role did brokers play in the Souther economy?

they were a person who is paid to buy or sell someone else. slaves.

Why did the economy of the Northern Colonies and Southern Colonies differ?

The economy of the Northern and Southern colonies differed due to the industries that were available. The Northern colonies had the shipping industry, however in the winter the economy suffered. The Southern colonies had the plantations, and the economy thrived during both winter and summer.

Connecticut Massachusetts new Hampshirerhode island are souther colonies?

no they are not southern colonies the southern colonies were Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Connecticut, Massachusettes, New Hampshire and Rhode Island were New England colonies or northern colonies

How was the economy in the Southern Colonies?

The southern American colonies had an economy based on agriculture. The climate and soil of the southern colonies were ideal for growing cotton and tobacco.

What was the import and export economy of the Spanish colonies?

The import economy of the Spanish colonies was sugar, molasses, and slaves. The export economy was rice, tobacco, and rum.

What is a colonial economy?

Colonial economy refers to the economy that was established by the colonial masters in their colonies.

What was the southern colonies economy?

The Southern Colonies' economy relied heavily on slave work and agriculture, typically the production of cotton.

Why did an economy based on cash crops grow in the southern colonies?


When was Jack Souther born?

Jack Souther was born in 1924.

What was the 13 Colonies economy during revolutionary war?

The 13 colonies had a tremendous economy but they relied on many items from the new world.

Which crops were an important part of the economy in the Southern Colonies?

Crops that were an important part of the economy in the Southern Colonies were tabacco, rice, and indigo.

What nicknames does JD Souther go by?

JD Souther goes by JD.

What colonies economy was based on farm products and valuable minerals?

Middle Colonies

What was the economy like in the new England colonies?

the economy in the new England colonies are small farms , lumbering, fishing, ship building, and trade.

Why were there more farmers in the southern colonies than in the nouthern colonies?

The southern economy was based on agriculture, while the northern economy was based on industry.

How are the nouthern and southern colonies the same?

The northern and souther colonies have a couple things in common. One: The colonies both live by a huge body of water. Two:they both supplied goods and either traded of got money for them for trading to other people.

Economy of New England Colonies?

The economy of the New England colonies depended on their locations. Towns that were along the coast had an economy based on fishing, whaling, and the building of ships. Those people that were inland had an economy based on farming. The New England colonies were Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

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