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What is the educational system of South America like?

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There are different educational systems in South America. These systems vary based on the country and on whether or not the educational system is from the government or from a tribe.

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What is the educational system in south America like?

how many years do you go to school in columbia

What is the educational system like in mexico?

The educational system in is good if you're in a private school. But if you're in a public school, the educational system might be pretty poorly.

Why was south America named south America?

it is named south America because it looks like America but just south probly.

What is the weather like in South America in summer?

when it summer in north america its winter in south america and when its winter in north america its summer in south america.

What is the overall shape of the south America like?

south america is in triangular shape

What is the ruler called in south America?

There is no single ruler of south America. It is a continent like Asia or North America

What is the educational system like in Russia?

The educational system in Russia is similar to the one in Germany. This has seen a large percentage of the population attain at least a secondary education.

How do you use South America in a sentence?

The Amazon rain forest is located in South America.I would like to visit some parts of South America.

What is the educational system like in France?

20 percent of schools are private

Describe the educational system in the Philippines today?

The educational system in the Philippines is much like the United States. They have a K-12 program and have both public and private schools.

A large flightless bird that looks like an ostrich In South America?

It is the rhea, and they are native to South America.

What is Iran's educational system is like?

It's really hard but very good.

Why can't south America have or become like the north America?

Because they dont feel like it.

Is South America a continent or country?

South America is considered by some to be a continent and by others (like me), the southern part of the continent called America.

What is the weather like in South America?

Much like North America, but the north is closer to the equator and therefore the hotter area, and it gets colder as you go south, so it is the reverse of North America. Additionally, the hottest areas are much hotter as the equator passes through South America. While North America has subtropical conditions, South America has both tropical and subtropical areas. Like North America, South America has many climates, and is overall warmer than North America, but cold in the top of the Andes, especially in winter, and also in the far south, near Antarctica.

What does this mean. Como es suda America?

What is South America like?

What does South America's flag look like?

South America is not a country. It does not have an official flag. Each country in South America has their own official flag.

Why is spanish spoken in South America?

Because most of the countries of South America were once colonies of Spain. i like cheese

What does a map of Africa and South America look like?

See the Related Links for links to maps of Africa and South America.

What in South America do anacondas like?

lol i know it

What is like a camel but form south America?

a llama

What are the countries that surround Bahamas?

mostly south America but also islands like the Galapagos and Jamaica mostly south America but also islands like the Galapagos and Jamaica

How do north America and South America conect?

How like does it come togeter to meet its together

Why is America divided into North America and South America?

Are you retartded? It's called North America and South America because South America is in the Southern Hemisphere and a north America is in the Northern Hemisphere, see its people like you who make Americans seem stupid. Go and educate yourself you fool.

How are Mexico Central America and South America related?

they are all near each other central America are countries like Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala south America has countries like Brazil and then theres Mexico which im pretty sure is a part of north America

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