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Q: What is the effect of GMO food?
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What effect does eating GMO food on your genes?

It has not been conclusively determined whether or not eating GMO foods has any effects on your genes.

Does GM food effect wildlife?

Effects of GMO foods on wildlife are not known.

What effect does eating GMO food have on your genes?

Some say GMO foods have no effect on genes. Others say they do, but those people are often referred to as conspiracy theorists, unscientific, or a variety of other things. In reality, we probably don't know what effect, if any, eating GMO foods has on our genes.

How can a GMO effect society?

it can't

What is the benefits of eating GMO food?

In regards to eating the GMO food, no there is no difference, but when you look at the ecological impact, GMO foods have benefit the earth by producing their own pesticide, which lowers the need for pesticides. GMO foods can also be resistant to some pesticides. I suggest watching the video by Kurzgesagt to find out more.

What is known about the food production capabilities of GMO's?

GMO corn and soy are no more productive than non-GMO corn and soy.

What are the effects of GMO food?

The effects of GMO food is not yet known. Though some say there are no harmful effects, others question that and claim there is anecdotal evidence that GMO foods are harmful to health.

Why don't Asians want GMO food?

Most people who don't want GMO food are not convinced it is totally safe for human consumption.

What are GMO ingredients?

GMO ingredients are any foods or food ingredients that have been genetically modified in a lab.

How does GMO food help people and your world?

There is no evidence that currently used GMO food is any more helpful to people or the world than non-GMO food. In fact, there is anecdotal evidence that GMO crops widely grown in the United States are actually harmful to the environment, health, biodiversity, and organic farming.

What is GMO in food?

A GMO food is one that has been genetically modified by removing a gene from one species and forcing it into the seeds of another species in a lab.

Does Burger King use GMO food?


Does Dairy Queen use GMO food?

At this point in time, it appears they do, although they of course don't advertise that they do.

How common is genetically modified food?

GMO food is very common in the United States. At least 70% (probably more) of the corn and soybeans grown are GMO. 70% or more of the processed foods in grocery stores contain GMO ingredients. More GMO foods are being developed.

What do people think of genetically modified food?

Some people believe GMO foods are an advance of food science and have a positive effect on how crops can be grown and survive. Some have no opinion; to them food is food. Others would have liked for more caution to have used before the modifications were released into the environment and wanted GMO foods labeled from the start. Some do not want to eat GMO foods, and those are turning to organically grown foods. Others recognize that cross pollination of GMO crops with non-GMO and organically grown crops will eventually eliminate the choice to eat non-GMO foods, or at least species that have been genetically modified, like corn, soy, canola, papayas, etc.

Does GMO have anything to do with food?

Yes, 70% or more of the processed foods sold in the United States contain GMO ingredients.

How long does genetically modified food last?

GMO foods last about the same amount of time as non-GMo foods.

Why shouldn't genetically modified food be labeled?

There is no reason GMO food should not be labeled from the standpoint of he consumer. From the standpoint of the producers of GMO crops and foods, labeling GMO foods could result in consumers choosing not to buy those foods.

How can genetically modified food increase productivity?

There is no evidence that GMO food increases productivity.

If BHT is added to a food, does that automatically mean the food is GMO Or is BHT different?


How many people don't want GM food?

The number of people who do not want GMO food is not known. What is known is that a large percentage of people want GMO foods in the United States to be labeled like they are in England. They want to be able to make an informed choice about the food they eat, and many do not want to eat GMO foods at all, but labeling GMO foods has come against opposition from biotech and food companies.

How do you know if a food is genetically modified?

Since GMO foods are not labeled, you cannot know if they contain GMOs. You can; however, know what foods do not or only contain small amoiunts of GMOs by going to the Non GMO Project website. They have a list of food products that have been tested for GMOs. If a food product in the United States contains soy, corn, or canola, it is likely that it is a GMO food, unless it has the "Non GMO Project" logo or "100% organic" on the package. Even then, the food could contain small amounts of GMOs due to GMO crops cross pollinating with organic or non GMO crops. It is estimated that 70% or more of the processed foods sold in grocery stores in the United States contain GMO ingredients.

What is the price of genetically modified food?

The cost of GMO foods purchased in grocery stores is not known because what foods are GMO are which are not are not labeled. There are also many factors that affect food prices, so it is difficult to know how GMO ingredients in foods affects price.

How is GMO food strong?

There is no evidence that GMO foods is any better for human consumption than coventionally grown and organically grown foods.

Who regulates GMO food?

In the United States, the USDA regulates crops and the FDA regulates food