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sweat lowers the temperature of the body by getting rid of excess liquid

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Q: What is the effect of temperature on the body during sweat?
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What effect does sweat leaving your body have on your temperature?

Well the sweat evaporates on your skin which causes you to cool down.

Why do you sweat during exerice?

Your body is trying to cool itself down to its normal body temperature.

How does evaporation affect the temperature of your body?

Sweating is a mechanism used by the body to lower its temperature. This effect is achieved by releasing droplets of sweat onto overheated areas of skin. The sweat droplets absorb heat transmitted by the skin and evaporate away. The cooling effect that your body experiences is the transfer of thermal energy from your skin to the sweat droplets.

At What temperature does your body sweat?

Your body begins to sweat as soon as the core temperature rises above 98.6

How does your skin help control your body temperature?

if you are hot you start to sweat which causes a cooling effect by taking away energy from your body.

Why do boys sweat after playing a little game?

People sweat to cool down, its an automatic thing. If you become excited during any activity then your body temperature will rise and your sweat glands will respond once your body temperature reaches a certain level.

What temperature does your body sweat?

37.5 degree celsius The temperature of sweat is the same as a person's body temperature, normally about 37° C (98.6° F).

Explain why it is important that people sweat when dancing?

When dancing,the body temperature increases. To release the excess body heat, the sweat glands secrete sweat on to the skin to reduce body temperature.

During a face the body temperature of a runner increases the runner responds by perspiring which lowers body temperature this process is an example of?

Evaporation. As the sweat evaporates, so the body is cooled.

How does the body maintain body temperature in hot weather?

Your body will sweat, and when the sweat evaporates it colls of your skin.

How do sweat glands play a major role in regulating body temperature?

They ensure that you regulate your body temperature by loosing heat from the body through sweat.

Which structures help maintain your body temperature?

Sweat helps maintain your body temperature, Whenever your sweat evaporates, it cools you down.

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