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What is the effects of corrosion on the computer system?

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Corrosion can cause the main hardware parts to malfunction or simply stop operating. Corrosion on the power supply unit can cause short circuits and fires.

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Can you give me a sentence with the word corrosion?

The car battery is NOT dead, it is suffering from the effects of corrosion!

What are the effects of corrosion in your daily lives?


What are the effects of corrosion?

The effect is the destroying of a material.

What the effects of galvanic corrosion?

Galvanic corrosion is when two metals corrode while they are both connected electrically. Electrical voltages can be an effect of galvanic corrosion, as well as dangerous corrosion of the metals.

What effects can a virus have on a computer system?

The virus can make a computer run slower than usual, or stop the computer from working.

What are the effects of food and dust particles on a computer keyboard?

Affects the D.O.S Operating system

What effects does ammonia have on steel?

Ammonia reduces the rate of corrosion on steel.

What are the effects of oxidation reaction in our daily life?

corrosion of metal substances

Corrosion control technologies?

There are four main methods to Control Corrosion: # select a corrosion resistant material or alloy # apply a coating of painting to the object to be protected # used a cathodic protection system # use corrosion inhibitors There are four main methods to Control Corrosion: # select a corrosion resistant material or alloy # apply a coating of painting to the object to be protected # used a cathodic protection system # use corrosion inhibitors

What the is the effects of corrosion?

Destruction of metallic (especially from iron or iron alloys) structures.

Effects of unauthorised access to computer systems?

The effects of unauthorized access to computer systems can be destructive. This may tamper with the system and confidential information and data may also be accessed and used in the wrong manner.

What is the effect of dry corrosion?

Dry corrosion refers to the oxidation that occurs when oxygen in the air reacts with metal without the presence of a liquid. Its effects are not as detrimental as wet corrosion but it still causes some damage to the metal.

Do different liquids have different corrosion affects on your teeth?

Yes, of course it does because different liquids have different tastes as well as different corrosion effects on us.

How does corrosion affect a battery?

It can block the charge from the battery to the system if there is to much. The corrosion gets between the terminals and the power won't go through. If you have corrosion on your terminals you need to clean them.

What negative effects will the computer have if power is cut off and not shut down properly?

There can be many effects but most the time it effects system files to check for errors try this many others out there aswell

What is in a computer system?

computer system is referring to the system of computer

What is the purpose of Nitrite in close cooling system?

Corrosion inhibitor

What has the author Risto Hienonen written?

Risto Hienonen has written: 'Corrosion and climatic effects in electronics' -- subject(s): Corrosion, Electronics, Electronic apparatus and appliances, Materials 'Korroosio ja ilmastolliset vaikutukset elektroniikassa' -- subject(s): Electronics, Corrosion

What is a hypothesis for how pH in water Affects Copper Corrosion?

If the water's pH is more acidic (lower pH) then the effects of copper corrosion will be faster and more pronounce. If the water is less acidic (Higher pH) copper corrosion will take longer and be less pronounce.

What are the effects of computer?

the effects on computer is for them to provide information or to communication with far gone family members & friends...

Explain the positive effects of computer in your daily life?

Explain the positive effects of computer in your daily life

Types of corrosion?

Corrosion can be categorized in some common types uniform corrosion pitting corrosion galvanic corrosion crevice corrosion concentration cell corrosion graphitic corrosion

Harmful effects of viruses in a computer system?

It depends on the type of virus the system is infected with. It slows down the computer, crashes the system, retards performance, causes loss of data, identity, personal info, causes irritation, etc., depending on their code and the coders intention.

What effects does acid rain on building?

Acid rain can have various different effects on buildings. For example, it can end up causing significant corrosion over time.

Are effects of tobacco and alcohol the same?

Tobacco effects mainly the respiratory system and nervous system. Alcohol effects the circulatory system the digestive system (e.g. liver) and the nervous system.