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The Serengeti Plain sits somewhere between 1000 to 1900 meters above sea level which is approximately 3280 to 6234 feet.

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What plain is in Tanzania?

Serengeti Plain

What does the word Serengeti mean?

the word serengeti means endless plain.

Is the Serengeti plain in northern or southern. Africa?

The Serengeti Plain is in Tanzania, just south of the equator in southern Africa.

What is the name of the plain that is shared by Kenya and Tanzania?

Serengeti plain

Where is the serengeti plain located?

The Serengeti Plain encompasses a large region on the continent of Africa. It is located in northern Tanzania and extends into the country of Kenya.

What is the setting in brothers are the same?

Serengeti Plain. And Africa.

What type of animals are found in the serengeti plain?


Is the Serengeti Plain in northern or southern Africa?

southern Africa

What huge lake is close to the serengeti plain?

lake Victoria

Is the Serengeti Plain in north or southern Africa?

It is in the Southern Africa.

The Serengeti Plain is a natural wildlife area found in which country?


Where do Africa's large mammal migrations take place?

The Serengeti Plain

This grassy plain covers about two-fifths of Africa?


What is a large flat grassland southeast of Lake Victoria?

Serengeti Plain

Is the serengeti plain in the north or south of Africa?

it's in southern africa

What does the word serengeti mean in Swahili?

it can be translated as "land that goes on forever" or "endless plain." ADDITION: Serengeti is not a Swahili word. This contributor believes it is Maasai.

What is the name of a large grassland area in Tanzania where wildlife thrives?

Serengeti plain

Compare the elevation of a coastal plain to that of an interior plain?

coastal plains have lower elevation than interior plains

What huge lake is close to serengeti plain?

Lake Victoria is the largest lake near Serengeti. The smaller Lake Natron and Lake Manyara are not far away, either.

What is the flat land with lower elevation than a plain?

The only piece of land that has a lower elevation point than a plain, is a valley.

What is the land elevation along the coastal plain between?

what is the elevation of the coastal plains

Is the elevation of a plain high or low?

Plains can have either a high or low elevation.

One major difference between a coastal plain and an interior plain is in?


Is the Serengeti plain northern or southern Africa?

low life loser place is te answer to tis question

What is the vast plain of grassland acacia bushes forest and rocky outcrops located in northern Tanzania?


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