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From electric energy to sound energy


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In electric bell, electrical energy is converted int sound energy.

The electric conversion is the change of electric energy to heat energy.

electric energy to mechanical energy

Electric motorElectric generatorHydropower plantsThese includes conversion of energy

An electric motor converts electric energy to mechanical energy while a generator converts mechanical energy to electric energy.

electric energy(electricity) to heat energy which is used to heat the food

Electric energy is turned into mechanical (aka kinetic energy) AND HEAT

It converts mechanical energy into electric energy. .

Electrical energy is converted to kinetic energy.

Electric motor is an example of conversion of energy. Electric generator is another example.

some of the energy conversion are heat to mechancal, heat, chemical, nuclear and electric and same for all them.

I assume you are referring to energy conversions. Well, the whole PURPOSE of an electric iron is to produce heat, and being electric means that it uses electrical energy, so the conversion is, simply, from electrical energy to heat.

Among other things, electric motors, generators, particle accelerators.

what are the disadvantages of electric bell what are the disadvantages of electric bell

The principle of mass conversion to energy. The mass loss (due to nuclear fission or nuclear fusion) is converted to thermal energy. The thermal energy is converted (through turbines) to mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is converted (through electric generators) to electrical energy.

Conversion of potential energy to mechanical energy. Energy is present due to motion and height.

The example of conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy is the process occurring in the batteries.

The electrical energy is converted into heat. That's basically the purpose of the electric iron.

The energy transfer in a toaster is electrical to heat (and light if the elements are glowing) and Conversion is electric to radiation.

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