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The oil capacity for the 6.0 Powerstoke Diesel is 15 quarts.


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The 7.3L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel V8 which was made from 1994 to 2003, produced 295 horsepower.

How do you replace a starter on 2003 powerstroke

The power rating for the 2003 model year Cummins diesel engine is 305 hp and 555 pound feet of torque. This was the 5.9L Inline-6 turbo diesel engine from Cummins.

2003 was the last year for the 7.3 Diesel. Best diesel engine ford ever put out.

A 2.5 l TDI Diesel engine (1996-2003)

The 6.0L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel V8 which was produced from 2003 to 2007, got a city MPG rating of 14 and a highway MPG rating of 19. The combined average MPG would be 16.5.

Built in turbo? That would be your answer. You have the TDI engine, huh? Great engine. Is this your first new diesel? If it's a turbo diesel, you probably have a leak in the boost.

A healthy 7.3L Powerstroke should run at around 23 p.s.i.

1994 to 1998 Model Year F-250 with 7.3L Powerstroke - 12.5 seconds 1999 to 2003 Model Year F-250 with 7.3L Powerstroke - 13.2 seconds 2004 to 2004 Model Year F-250 with 6.0L Powerstroke - 13.1 seconds 2005 to 2007 Model Year F-250 with 6.0L Powerstroke - 13.6 seconds 2008 to 2010 Model Year F-250 with 6.4L Powerstroke - 13.4 seconds 2011 to 20?? Model Year F-250 with 6.7L Powerstroke - 13.0 seconds

5.4 liter - SOHC - V8 6.8 liter - SOHC - V10 6.0 liter diesel 7.3 liter diesel are the 4 engine choices in a 2003 Ford F-250

I was looking at and found listings for the 7.3 L diesel from 1988 to 2003

I know that the 2003 ford f250 diesel was what they call the lemon year. They swiched from a 7.3 to 6.0

The best way dude is to search it on the net

16-20 mpg for the Diesel version of the excursion. 8-12 mpg for the gas version 5.4 liter V8

The 2003-2007 Ford F-250 with the Power Stroke Diesel Engine has 325 horse power.

The difference is in the injectors and engine computer. You can not tell by looking at the engine.

The engine oil filter is on the front passenger side of the engine.

According to the 2003 Ford F-350 , 7.3 L Diesel Supplement : With engine oil filter change : ( 14.2 litres / 15.0 U.S. quarts )

With gas engine, yes. Not sure about diesels. Diesel, yes

Gas engine, in the tank. Diesel, on the driver side of the block

it is located under the back of the turbo in the high presure oil pump cover near the ipr

well it is about 8 lbs of boost depends on the day and how many miles are on it. Mine is an 2003 and it is pushing like 4 lbs of boost making 800 HP on the dyno stock.

The 525d E39 model had a M57D25 diesel engine, introduced in 2000 till 2003. This was a straight six and not a V configuration.

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