What is the entrenchment of the Constitution?

it is where the constitution is protected through it's own laws and regulations. For some countries, there must be a certain amount of public support as well as support from a certain number of members of the government. E.g. In America, to change the constitution, the government must have a majority of it's members must agree as well as 2/3s of the states must agree in order to change a part of their constitution. In the UK, entrenchment doesn't exist. Parliament could change the constitution as they please as they are sovereign (the ultimate power in the UK), although government can change the constitution as much as they can (needing an overall majority within government) parliament still have the last word of the matter. There is no need for entrenchment in the UK as it uses an uncodified constitution and therefore a majority of the constitution isn't written on a document, but can easily be changed by the government or parliament (but is unlikely without consulting the public via a referendum as this could lead to considered dictatorship and could threaten democracy and the people would not like this and would protest).