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What is the entry to book accrued dividend?

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Accrued dividend A/c...............Dr

Dividend account.....................Cr

Cash Ac.......................Dr

Accrued dividend A/c..........Cr

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Journal entry for accrued income?

[Debit] Accrued income receivable [Credit] Accrued income

What is the journal entry accrued income?

[Debit] Accrued income receivable [Credit] Accrued income

What is the entry of accrued traveling expenses?

[Debit] Accrued traveling expenses [Credit] Accrued expenses payable

To make an adjusting entry for the accrued commission is what?

Adjusting entry as follows: [Debit] Cash / bank [Credit] Accrued commission

Is a journal entry required on the date the board of directors officially approves a dividend?

Yes following entry required: [Debit] Proposed dividend [Credit] dividend payable

What is the double entry for proposed dividend?

[Debit] Proposed dividend [Credit] Dividend payable

What is the journal entry to record accrued interest expense?

Debit Accrued Interest Expense Credit Accrued Interest Payable

Will pass general entry for proposed dividend?

yes we will pass entry for proposed dividend P&L Appropriation A/c Dr. To Proposed Dividend

What is the journal entry for dividend issue?

[Debit] Dividend [Credit] Cash

What is the journal entry for payment of accrued expense?

debit accrued expensescredit cash / bank

What is the accounting entry for Accrued Expense?

Dr. Accrued Expense Cr. Cash or Cash in bank

What wil be the journal entry of dividend received and reinvested?

If dividend received is reinvested then there is no journal entry is required and this information can be mentioned through the use of memo entry.There is no journal entry required for dividend received reinvested as nothing is received by person or company so memo entry is enough for information purpose.

What is the journal entry to set up an accrued expense?

Debit accrued expensesCredit expenses payable

What is journal entry for accrued interest on note payable?

[Debit] Interest receivable [Credit] Accrued interest

How do you get the stock dividends in a journal entry?

debit stock dividendcredit dividend income

What is journal entry for Accrued Revenue?

Accrued Revenue is a term that I rarely see, though it is an Asset and should be treated as such. Accrued Revenue would be treated similar to an Account Receivable. The Journal Entry would be a Debit to Accrued Revenue and a Credit to Revenue.

What is the journal entry for dividends receivable?

Dividend receivable Debit Cash dividend Credit Cash Debit Dividend receivable Credit

WHAT is the journal entry to record yearly accrued insurance exp?

debit accrued insurance expensecredit insurance payable

What is the journal entry for bond purchase with accrued interest?

Debit bondsDebit interest accruedCredit cash / bank

What is the journal entry for paid dividend s?

Debit dividend payableCredit cash /bank

How do I prepare a dividend journal entry?

if receiveddebit cash / bankcredit dividend incomeif paydebit dividendcredit cash / dividend payable etc

How do you make journal entry for dividend received?

The journal entry should be as follows: dr Bank/Dividends Receivable xxx cr Dividend Income xxx

How do you enter dividends on a journal entry?

[Debit] Proposed dividend [Credit] Dividend payable [Debit] Dividend payable [Credit] Cash / bank

Examples of accrued income entry?

Adjustments for accrued fees of $5,000 have been earned but have not been billed to the client, how is this transaction recorded?

What is the journal entry to record accrued interest income from note receivable?

[Debit] Accrued interest income [Credit] Notes payable

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