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You'll need the length in feet, the width in feet, and the height in feet. With those, multiply them all together, as length (in feet) x width (in feet) x height(in feet) = volume in cubic feet.

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Q: What is the equation for finding cubic feet?
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What is the unit of measurement for finding the capacity for a school locker?

cubic feet or cubic inches

Cubic feet equation?

LENGTH multiplied by WIDTH then MULTIPLIED by HEIGHT Each of the above three must be measured in FEET if you want CUBIC FEET.

Is the equation for one yard 3x3x3?

If the question is, how many cubic feet are in a cubic yard, then you would get that result, 3'x3'x3' = 27 cubic feet.

How do you convert 7.703 cubic meters per second to cubic feet per second?

Use this equation: cubic meters per second x 35.3147 = cubic feet per second

What is the cubic feet of a room that measures 28 feet wide 50 feet long and 15 feet high?

This room is a rectangular prism. The equation for a rectangular prism to find the volume is the LxWxH=V. 50x28x15=1400x15=21000 cubic feet The number of cubic feet in this room is 21000 cubic feet.

Whats 49 cubic feet converted to inches?

Cubic feet is a measure of volume, while inches is a measure of length. This means these units of measurement are not compatible. However, 49 cubic feet can be converted to 43.9117 inches by converting cubic feet to cubic inches, then finding the cubed root of that number.

How do you convert gun feet into sqft?

In order to convert gun feet into sqft, you will need to convert the gun feet to cubic feet. To do this, you will need to use the following equation: cubic feet by dividing 25,434 by 24.

How do you find the cubic foot of a room?

The cubic feet of a room is the length X width, which is the SQUARE FEET, then X the height of the room gives you the CUBIC FEET. If there is a "jog" in the room, you would use this equation on both areas then add the Cubic Feet's together to come up with the total cubic feet of a room.

How do you convert 1200 cubic feet into square feet?

Cubic feet represents a volume. Square feet represents an area. There is no conversion between them because they represent different things. However, given solid, with a volume of 1200 cubic feet, if the height of the solid is known, the equation volume divided by height will produce the area of the base of the solid.

What is 1.25 cubic feet minus 77 cubic feet?

1.25 cubic feet - 77 cubic feet = -75.75 cubic feet.

How do you convert 5.1 cubic meters per second into cubic feet per minute?

Insert your figures into this equation: cubic meters per second x 2118.88 = cubic feet per minute5.1m3/s x 2118.88 = about 10,806.3ft3/minute

Convert 6 feet long by 36 inches wide into cubic feet?

6' x 36" (3') =18 Square feet L x W = Area this equation does not supply enough paramaters for cubic feet L x W x H = Cubic Area

After finding th square feet of an area what number would you use to convert the measurment to cubic yards?

A measurement in square feet is a measurement of area, while a measurement in cubic yards is a measurement of volume. The two units are, therefore, incompatible.You can, however, convert between square feet and square yards, or cubic feet and cubic yards.

What is the difference between thirteen cubic feet and sixteen cubic feet?

16 cubic feet is three cubic feet larger than 13 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet is a room 6'x4'x4'?

The equation is exactly how you have written it: 6 x 4 x 4 = 96 cubic feet

As a math equation how do you measure one cubic yard of concrete?

width in feet multiplied by length in feet multiplied by depth in feet (4" = .333 , 6" = .5) and divide by 27 (cubic feet in a yard) for instance, the equation for a 10 x 10 slab 4 inches deep would be: 10'x10'x.333 divided by 27 = 1.23 cubic yards hope this helps!

How many cubic feet equal 5.2 cubic yards?

1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet 2 cubic yards = 54 cubic feet . . 5 cubic yards = 135 cubic feet 5.2 cubic yards = 140.4 cubic feet

What is the cubic equation?

length x width x height For example, if a box is 2ft long by 2ft wide by 1ft height it is 4 cubic feet. A cubic equation, is an equation of the form: ax3+bx2+cx+d 0 This will have at least one, and up to a maximum of three solutions in x.

When finding area is it square feet or cubic?

It is squared. It isn't necessarily feet though. Depending on your unit of measure. So it can be scare feet, square inches...

How much is 576 cubic feet in feet?

Question is meaningless. Cubic feet are cubic feet!

How do you Convert 21 cubic feet into measurement?

21 cubic feet is a measurement.21 cubic feet is a measurement.21 cubic feet is a measurement.21 cubic feet is a measurement.

How do you convert 216 cubic feet to cubic yards?

You divide the cubic feet by the amount of cubic feet in one cubic yard (which is 27). 216 (cubic feet) = 8 cubic yards

How many cubic feet are in 40 cubic yards?

1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet 4 cubic yards = 108 cubic feet 40 cubic yards = 1,080 cubic feet

How many cubic yards are in 108 cubic feet?

27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard 54 cubic feet = 2 cubic yards . . 108 cubic feet = 4 cubic yards

How many feet in 12 cubic yards?

There are no feet in a cubic yard.1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet12 cubic yards = 324 cubic feet