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What is the equation that describes four less than twice a number is negative eight?

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What is fourteen less than three fourths of a number is negative eight?

fourteen less than three fourths of a number is negative eight find the number

Turn the verbal phrase one number is eight times another number into an equation?

As an equation: 8x = 64

What is the description for negative eight?

It is a number eight less than zero.

What is perpendicular of negative eight?

A number cannot have a perpendicular!

What is negative two times four?

negative eight :) if you times 4x2 you get eight right? So if you add a negative to ONE number you add a negative to the answer. If you were to have both numbers as a negative, your answer would be postitive :) Hope I helped you :)

What is Eight added to twice a number is 42 an a equation form?


What is a Number divided by eight that is equal to negative four?


Is negative eight over nine a rational number?

Yes, it is.

Is negative eight a whole number?


What is the number Eight less than twice a number is twenty?

The number works out as 14

What is twice the difference of a number and four is negative eight?

The corresponding equation, is solve n when :- 2(n - 4) = -8 2n - 8 = -8 2n = -8 + 8 = 0 n = 0

What is a negative eight plus negative eight?

-16 .

What is forty eight minus negative twelve?

When you minus a negative number it is the same as adding a positive number, since minus a negative number is a plus. So 48 minus (-12) is 48 + 12 = 60

What is eight added to twice a number is 42 when you form an equation?

Eight added to twice a number is 42.Give the number the name of ' X '.8 + 2X = 42' X ' is 17.

What does the difference of three times a number and eight look like as an equation?

3x + 8

What is the equation and variable of 5 less than a number is eight?

n - 5 = 8

Is negative eight greater than fourteen?

no, negative eight is less than positive 14. negative eight is greater than negative 14

What is the sum of 4 and negative eight?

The sum of four and negative eight is negative four.

What is the real number of negative seven over eight?

-7/8 is a real number.

What is the equation of nine less than eight times a number is 17?

8n - 9 = 17

What number multiplied by twenty four equals negative eight?

negative 1/3. so 24 * -1/3 = -8

Is negative eight an irrational number?

8 is an integer as is -8, all integers are rational.

Can negative numbers have factors?

Sure. Take any positive number and find its factors. Then, if you make an odd number of the factors negative, you then have a set of factors of the negative of the original composite number. That means that the factors of a negative number are not 'unique'. Take ' 6 ' for example. Its factors are 1, 2, 3, and 6. If you make the '1' or the '2' or the '3' or the '6' negative, then you have four factors of ' -6 '. Are there any other ways to make an odd number of them negative ? I see eight different ways to make an odd number of those four numbers negative. So ' -6 ' has eight different possible sets of factors. Is that weird or what !

Thirteen plus Negative Eight?

Note that adding a negative number is equivalent to subtracting a positive number, so 13 + -8 is the same as 13 - 8 which equals 5.

When subtracting negative numbers why does it stay negative?

If you have negative 8 and subtract 3, you keep going you get negative 11. or if you have negative 3 apples, and take away 3, then you have negative 6 apples. Subtraction of a negative number from another negative number can be positive For example: If you have negative three and subtract negative eight you get positive five. -3 - (-8) = 5