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What is the estate system in France?

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The estate system was division of three different groups. The first estate was made up of the clergy(Church). They made up 1% of the population and owned 10% of the land. They also taxed the peasants heavily to avoid paying taxes themselves. The second estate was made up of nobles and kings. They were about 4% of the population but owned 20% of the land. They lived rich lives and taxed peasants to avoid paying their taxes. The Third estate was everybody else. They were workers and farmers. some were rich but never went up to the 2nd or 1st estate. The third estate was taxed heavily making the poor poorer and this helped the rich stay rich.

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What was the estate system unfair in France?

One Estate paid all the taxes.

What The Estate system in France during the mid to late 1700s?


What is the is third estate of France?

The Third Estate is the common people of France

How many levels does the system have and how many?

There are 3 estates : the first estate, the second estate, and the third estate. The third estate were the poorest in France and were mostly peasants but the first estate contains priests and religious people who are very rich

What percent of land did the first estate in France have?

The first estate had 10% of the land in France.

What was the second estate in France?

The second estate was the Nobility.

What was the percentage of the first estate In France?

The first estate in France was the smallest of the three. The first estate only consisted of about one percent of the population.

What is the First Estate of France?

There is no estates in France, there are régions and départements. Answer: Historically, the First Estate was the clergy. The Second Estate was nobility, and the Third estate was everyone else. The First Estate was limited to the Catholic Clergy.

Who made up the first estate of France?

The Catholic Clergy made up the first estate of France.

Which estate contains the majority people in France?

The second estate

What was the Estate system in Pre-Revolutionary France?

It represented the three social orders within French society. The First Estate was made up of the Catholic clergy. The Second Estate represented the Nobles and the remaining 97% of the French population were in the Third Estate.

What Estate had about one percent of the population of France?

The Nobility or the Second Estate.

About one percent of the population of France belonged to what estate?

first estate

Was clergy the Third Estate?

No, the Clergy formed the First Estate of France.

When did the great fear swept through France?

because the voting system was unfair, and the third estate was only getting taxed.

About one percent of the population of France belonged to the Estate?

The Nobles of the Second Estate. it's First estate for a+

What is the Third Estate in France?

The commoners.

What is scope of real estate management system?

what is scope or real estate system

What was the second estate composed of in France?

The 1st estate was represented by the Clergy. The 2nd estate was represented by the Nobility. The 3rd estate was represented by the Bourgeoisie

What were the 3 estate in France for what did they stand?

The First Estate was the clergy. The Second Estate was the nobility. The Third Estate was basically everyone else in France, but its representatives in the Estates General were typically wealthy members from the commercial and professional middle classes.

Why was the estate general held?

the estate-general was held to discuss the high taxes in France.

The three social classes of pre-revolutionary France were called?

the first estate the second estate and the third estate.

What is an accurate description of the tax system in France in the years preceding the French Revolution?

The members of the Third Estate paid almost all of the taxes.

What are the social groups in France?

The social groups are the First Estate (The Clergy), Second Estate (The Nobility) and Third Estate(everyone else).

Who was the first second and third estates of France?

1st estate- clergy 2nd estate- nobility 3rd estate- peasants and bourgeoisie