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I'm not absolutely positive about California, but most states do it like this. I've been researching that answer myself cause I have the same problem. After your injury is healed the doctor will give you a disability percentage for that finger. There is usually a set amount of weeks that finger is worth. Your payout will be 2/3 your weekly pay at the set amount of weeks. Your thumb being worth the most. I don't know how many weeks your ring finger is. I know the middle finger is 30 weeks and I'm wanting to say 20 for that finger. So basically it could depend on how much you make. Or if you feel like it you can sue a third party and get a lot more if the accident wasn't your fault or was the fault of a machine. While you can't sue your employer (because of workman's comp) you can sue, possibly, the company that made the machine. Keep in mind workman's comp pays for scarring also. You probably need to talk to a lawyer after you get your disability rating, they may be able to get you more money. (but they will take 20%).

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Q: What is the estimated California's Workmen's Compensation payout if your right ring finger was partially amputated due to a work injury?
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