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I have a partial answer and plan to submit a question. Ithaca hammer shotguns with serial #'s below 33011 were produced before 1899. I have a hammer double barrel stagecoach shotgun with serial # 15864. I will post a question to find out its age.


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We must know the manufacturer, model, exposed hammers or not, and the condition of the gun...The rest is easy...The manufacturer and model will be stamped or engraved on the metal somewhere What is the manfacturer, model and condition of the gun...the rest is easy...

If you take it apart, it is possible that there may be manufacturer marks, but the number stamped is no indication of the manufacture. If it has any unique features, such as the early lever operated ball return, it can help to identify it.

nitro hunter shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped belknap hdwre and mfg serial 5516

The test pressure is always stamped on the cylinder along with the working pressure, physical volume, manufacture date etc. It is generally about twice the working pressure of the cylinder.

It's date stamped, check the manufacture date page on the Remington Society of America for details.

This is an uncommon error and one example was estimated to be worth excess of $20,000.

Year of Manufacture is stamped behind the serial # on the left side of the receiver.

If it is stamped and stamped only you want there is no cheap way. Do not try this yourself if you have no concrete experience. Less expensive decorative options are available including exposed, color, broomed, paving stones, etc. For a real decorative look mix a couple of designs. For example an exposed border and broom finish interior looks sharp and can be dressed up with some color.

If the case is not stamped with the manufacture, there's a good chance your not going to know for sure. Major manufactures stamped their leather, if where the stamp was is missing it MIGHT be identified by sight.

The letter E means a 1948 date of manufacture. The 1936 is probably the rest of the serial number with the whole serial number being E1936.

Yes. I was told the date of manufacture was stamped in the side of the barrel at the receiver on the left. This is what was there9 0s 83.

Your question cannot be answered without you providing the name of the maker of your shotgun,and then we can determine if there is any public data to identify the year of manufacture.

Most welders have a serial number and date of manufacture stamped on the name plate. It should be on the front or the rear of the machine.

There should be a small plate stamped on the side of the engine with data such as year of manufacture, type and displacement.

Date code is stamped on barrel, see related links for information on the Remington Society of America.

Recently purchased 10 gauge side x side black power shotgun. Has double external hammers and double triggers. Stamped on top between barrels in front of hammers is WN More + Co. Superior Quality. Any information would be helpfull. Thanks

check the date code stamped on the barrel. Remington Society of America, Manufactured Date link has the details.

Remington Society of America site: barrel code stamped.

1927, it will be date code stamped on the barrel month/year. see related links

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