What is the estimated net worth of Rush Limbaugh?

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No one knows for sure, as Rush Limbaugh is not tied to a public company, and thus does not have to publish figures. This said, however, press releases and insider sources have been able to change a guess to "educated guess". Known revenue includes:
  • $285 million salary and bonus for 2001 through 2008 ($35m bonus, salary of approximately $31.25m/year)
  • $400 million salary and bonus from 2009 through 2016 ($100m plus bonus - the exact figure was not disclosed, except for "nine digit bonus" - and $38m/year salary)
So through his salary itself, he has earned $285 million for current work, $400 million for future. And that only covers back to 2001. Rush has been on the air since 1988. While he certainly earned less in his early days, it can be assumed his salary was significant. Additionally, it is rumored that he receives a share of advertising revenue, which would be quite large, considering his 20 million listeners each week. Thus, in conclusion, Rush Limbaugh is close to, or just over the billionaire net worth mark. With at least $685 million, and advertising revenue joined with previous contracts which must be in the hundreds-of-millions range, Rush can be assumed an essential billionaire.
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Did the ACLU defend Rush Limbaugh?

Yes, they did. You can read the story in its entirety here: See the related link below. Fox News, reporting the unbiased truth ever since deciding what truth should be

Who is Rush Limbaugh?

A controversial media personality, who while he has wrote books and been on television, is best known for his talk radio show. He espouses a populist conservative Republicanism, with some overtones of libertarianism and nods to more Bible based Christianity. As his billboards pun, "Rush is Right!". ( Full Answer )

What is Usher's estimated net worth?

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Where does Rush Limbaugh live?

Rush Limbaugh lives in Palm Beach, Fl in an oceanfront mansion. He said on his show last week that he has sold his Manhatten condo.

How much is rush limbaugh worth?

Every Human being is priceless. If you don't believe this, you're no better than slave owners and Darwinists that say some types of humans are superior to others. No money amount can be placed on anyone.

Where are Pictures of Rush Limbaugh home?

No pics are avaiable..He is a private person, and no one except a close circle of friends knows where he lives, also, we don't allow pictures in wikianswers answer boxes.

How much money is Rush Limbaugh worth?

About 33 million in 2007, according to Forbes. In 2008, he signed a $300 million contract extension worth about $37.5 million per year. Add to this the previous $295 million contract, and any additional income, investments, etc., and his net worth (unless he some how blew tens of millions in the pas ( Full Answer )

Who inspired Rush Limbaugh?

Watching The devil run the liberal Democratic party. That inspired him to fight the Devil, Obama, Clinton, ect...

What car does Rush Limbaugh drive?

Rush Limbaugh is known to drive only a Maybach 57 S in the colorblack. It is rumored that he also keeps extras for his guests touse.

How do you contact Rush Limbaugh?

Here are a few ways to contact Rush Limbaugh: . His radio phone number is 1 (800) 282-2882 (between 12 noon and3 pm Eastern). . His radio e-mail is elrushbo@eibnet.us. . His radio show address is as follows: The Rush Limbaugh Show 1270 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020

Does Rush Limbaugh have a drug problem?

On October 3, 2003 the National Enquirer reported that Limbaugh was being investigated for illegally obtaining the prescription drugs http://www.answers.com/topic/oxycodone and hydrocodone . Other news outlets quickly confirmed the investigation. He admitted to listeners on his radio show on ( Full Answer )

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Is Rush Limbaugh deaf?

In 2001, he was diagnosed with a rare Autoimmune inner ear disease (AIED), which, in the span of three months, left his right ear completely deaf and left ear severely deaf. On October 8, 2001, Rush revealed on his radio program that he was, for all practical purposes, deaf. On December 20, 2001 ( Full Answer )

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Is Rush Limbaugh currently married?

He has been married four times, with the fourth (and current wife) being Kathryn Rogers. The wedding took place on June 5, 2010.

Is Rush Limbaugh gay?

NO!. Only a liberal would ask a question like that (and only a liberal would answer yes)...

Was Rush Limbaugh in the military?

Wikipedia: Limbaugh's birthdate was ranked as 175 in the Vietnam War draft lottery. No one was drafted above 125. However, he was classified as "1-Y" (later reclassified "4-F") due to either a football knee injury or a diagnosis of Pilonidal disease.

Does Rush Limbaugh have cancer?

To the best of our knowledge, Rush Limbaugh does not currently have cancer of any kind. If he does, this is yet to be mentioned on his radio program as of January 14, 2011.

Is Rush Limbaugh a conservative?

Well by definition no. A conservative believes in small government and individual liberty. Rush Limbaugh is a social conservative that believes in big government,

What is Rush Limbaugh doing now?

You mean since he supposedly quit using the harsh recreationalnarcotics? Or since he got caught by a customs inspector withmultiple bottles of the pharmaceutical named Viagra (one of whichwas mislabeled) on his way to the Dominican Republic, which is atourist destination known for unusually high ins ( Full Answer )

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Is rush limbaugh a liberal or conservative?

Extreme Conservative. The best way to find out what Limbaugh's orientations are is to listen to his daily broadcast on an AM station in your area. He seems to be enthusiastic about traditional American values like self-reliance, perseverance and work ethic so I suppose that means conservative.

Does rush limbaugh have a girlfriend?

Married three times prior, his fourth (and current) wife is Kathryn Rogers. The wedding took place on June 5, 2010. .

Who is the democratic equivalent to Rush Limbaugh?

There is no Democratic equivalent to Mr. Limbaugh. The closest approximations are 1. President Obama - Leader of party/movement 2. George Stephanopolus - Media presence 3. James Carville - Thought for that train (left/right)

What denomination belief Rush Limbaugh?

The religious denomination of Rush Limbaugh is Methodist. Rush is acontroversial conservative talk show host and a well-knownRepublican. Answer: He will be very help full if he do not take side ofrepublican because everything they do can not be wright. Best thinghe said is just think of today and l ( Full Answer )

Does Rush Limbaugh go to church?

Rush Limbaugh grew up as a Methodist and attended for many years.His attendance is not a regular as it used to be, but he stillconsiders himself a Christian.

Is Rush Limbaugh racist?

In short, yes. The suggest he is racist are right. His critics have printed many of his racial comments, and have even criticized him about his openly prejudiced policies towards minorities. He's been allowed to stay on the radio for over 20 years simply because he is a Caucasian male. "Look, let ( Full Answer )

When will Rush Limbaugh be on family guy?

Rush Limbaugh had a cameo role as himself in the episode "Blue Harvest", which aired on September 23, 2007. He was the focus in the episode "FOX-y Lady" (March 22, 2009), in which he was represented as a fictional character portrayed by actor Fred Savage. Limbaugh was later featured in the episode " ( Full Answer )

Does Rush Limbaugh have heart problems?

Well, they don't know for sure but he had symptoms that sounded like a heart attack but doctors confirmed that he didn't. Their theory is an artery spasm.

Who owns Rush Limbaugh?

Nobody owns Rush Limbaugh, he is a very rich man. He can own anything he wants pretty much.

Is Rush Limbaugh from Hungary?

No. He was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, a city about 115 miles southeast of St. Louis.

Is Rush Limbaugh a Mormon?

No. Rush Limbaugh is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church). Sources say that he is a Methodist, but rarely attends church.

What are rush limbaugh bumper music?

The official bumper music is "My City Was Gone" my the Pretenders. Also, it seems to be a custom cut & paste job of the tune...

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Is Rush Limbaugh a liar?

Failing to tell the truth on a regular basis does make him a regular liar.

What is Rush Limbaugh best known for?

Rush Limbaugh is best known for his influential opinion leadership in the conservative movement in the US, and he also host a show called; "The Rush Limbaugh Show".

Was rush limbaugh a draft dodger?

Rush Limbaugh escaped being drafted into the Vietnam War because heclaimed to have a pilonidal cyst. He did not have an inductionphysical and was not examined by an Army Physician. He brought apaper from his personal doctor and based on that he got aclassification that prevented him from being draft ( Full Answer )

Who discovered Rush Limbaugh?

Rush was discovered by a Cleveland disc jockey named Halper. Oncethis disc jockey began following and promoting Rush, his careertook off and he soon had more listeners than any other talk showhost.