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Q: What is the estimated weight of a spanish tortilla?
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What is in a Spanish tortilla?

A 'spanish tortilla' is an omelette with fried potatoes and onion.

How do you say tortilla in Spanish?


What is tortilla in Spanish?

I dont know about Spaniesh but in Mexican its Tortilla

How do you say 'flour tortilla' in Spanish?

Tortilla de harina.

What is a tortilla in Spain?

'Tortilla' is the spanish word for 'omelette'. The 'spanish omelette' is an omelette with fried potatoes and, sometimes, some onion.

How do you spell omlet in Spanish?

En España, una tortilla. Or tortilla de huevo.

What language is tortilla?

"Tortilla" is a Spanish word meaning a small torta (small cake).

Why is a tortilla called a tortilla?

The Spaniards named them the tortilla because they were similar to the the crisp circular fried cake known in the Spanish heritage as the tortillita.

What is the difference between a Mexican tortilla and a spanish tortilla?

A Mexican tortilla is either made from mainly flour or corn and is a flat type of bread (pan). A spanish tortilla (Spain) is similar to the American omelette. There are several types of Spanish tortillas depending on what is placed in them, or there is a tortilla de patatas which is like a potato cake made from eggs and potatoes that is seasoned with usually either bacon, vegetables, onion or tuna.

Whats omelette in spanish?


What country is tortila espanola from?

The Tortilla Espanola, which in English means Tortilla, Spanish Omelets or Spanish Tortilla is a typical Spanish dish consisting of a think egg omelets made with potatoes and fried in olive oil. This is the national dish of Spain you can eat it as a tapa, for breakfast, in a sandwich or for dinner.

How do you say omelette in Spanish?

If you want an "American-style omelette" in a Spanish speaking country, i.e. where there is a thin layer of egg, then peppers or cheese, and then another thin layer of egg above, you should ask for a "tortilla francesa", literally "a French omelette". If you just say "tortilla", you will get a Spanish tortilla which is egg and potato or, in Latin America, you will get flat breads made from corn-meal.

What language does tortilla come from?

Tortilla is a word wich here means a non woven bread that is cooked on a flat plate or pan. Tortilla is a Spanish, Mexican word.

What language does the word tortilla origins?


What language did the word tortilla come from?


How many weight watcher point in a corn tortilla?

1 small corn tortilla is 0.5 Point.

Where did quesadillas originate?

NO NO NO it does not stupid . quesa which means " cheese " and dilla is " tortilla " it means CHEESE TORTILLA in spanish ! Mexico and it means "little cheesy thing" in spanish =]

What is the word origin for tortilla?

Tortilla is a word itself. It comes from Mexico. In the spanish speaking language and is said tor~ti~a

How much fat a tortilla has?

It depends on the type of tortilla. A flour or maize meal tortilla has virtually none. A Spanish tortilla has fat because essentially it's a type of omelette made with beaten egg poured over cooked potatoes, lightly fried chillis , perhaps some chorizo and cooked on the hob until set and browned; Tortilla di patates often shortened in Spain to tortilla is also known as Spanish omelette.

How do you say cheese omelette in spanish?

Cheese omelette is tortilla de queso in Spanish.

What does tortilla means?

in spanish it means small torta

Where does the word tortilla come from?

It comes from Mexico spanish

What is the Spanish word for skirt steak in a tortilla?


The word tortilla comes from what language?

mexican spanish

What is the weight of 8 inch tortilla?

63 grams