What is the ethnic group of Afghanistan?

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38% are Pashtun, 25% are Tajik, 19% are Hazara, 15% are Uzbek and Turkmen 3% is just other. 84% of their population is the Sunni Muslim group.

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Who or what is Pashtun?

the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan A+

What type of ethnic group does Afghanistan have?


What is the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan?


The most important ethnic group in Afghanistan is the?

The Pashtuns.

The most important ethnic group in Afghanistan?

The Pashtuns.

Which is the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan after Pashtuns?


What is the most important ethnic group in Afghanistan?

Pashtuns (Pathans)

What ethnicity is the surname Arghandewal?

From Afghanistan and ethnic group is Pashtun.

Pashtun largest ethnic group in which Asian country?


Who were the 18Th century founders of Afghanistan?

of the Pashtun ethnic group.

Who are pashthuns?

Its pashtuns not pashthuns. They are an Eastern Iranian ethnic group with populations primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Is the Ashanti an ethnic group or religious group?

Ethnic Group

What is an ethnic group in Chile?

What is Chile's ethnic group?

Why US forces cannot or do not want to wipe out the Taliban?

There's a lot more to military strategy than simply wiping the opposition out. The Taliban are formed from the majority ethnic group in Afghanistan - that ethnic group will continue to be there long after operations in Afghanistan have ceased, and are always going to have relevance in Afghan society. Could we bomb a whole mountain into oblivion for the sake of wiping out a few Taliban leaders? Certainly. But, it would alienate that ethnic group further, which would ultimately be detrimental to the mission in Afghanistan, which is not simply limited to unseating the Taliban and eliminating key Al-Qaeda targets, but also creating a secure and stable country within the borders of Afghanistan.

What do the ethnic group believe in?

what does tghie ethnic group believe in

What are the three main ethnic groups?

Ethnic Group Number One: The group of people that believe that there should be more than three ethnic groups. Ethnic Group Number Two: The group of people that believe that there are three ethnic groups. Ethnic Group Number Three: The group of people that believe that there is no such thing as three ethnic groups. I proudly belong to Ethnic Group Number Three. Anyone care to join me?

What is Philippine Ethnic Arts?

a group of traditional people or ethnic group..

What is a sentence using the phrase 'ethnic group'?

The ethnic group of people were praying in their worship place. It is an example sentence for ethnic group.

Define ethnic group?

An ethnic group is a group of people who have common physical and mental traits.

What are the 2 large ethnic groups in Afghanistan?

Pashtuns and Tajiks.

Tajiks Pashtuns and Hazaras are ethnic groups in what country?


What are Hazara people?

They are the third largest ethnic group by population in Afghanistan representing about 18% of the population. Their oral tradition allege that they are Mongolian descendants of Ghengis Khan.

What ethnic group are the chechens in Russia?

Chechens belong to the Turkic ethnic group.

What is Kenyas largest ethnic group?

Kikuyu is the largest ethnic group in Kenya.

What is bangladesh's main ethnic group?

The main ethnic group is Bengali. It is 98%.